Sprinkle of Gold

Poem by Joni Caggiano written on August 1, 2020 – Photo by Mathieu Olivares – Unsplash

a trail of love springs forth with morning glories
as rain disperses drops, on steaming, searing sand
temperate waves leave kisses on briny shores
alike a ring placed on the ankle of a new bride
moonlight is tasting the glitter of dusk in Valencia
an artist captures musical notes and the hearts
of women dancers, on canvas, his wife, and one true lady love
mermaids sprinkle gold on their pale skin
while braiding memories interlocked in bright orange locks
fishers bring in their catch; sunburned tourist dance on the docks
God mixes taste and sounds of nature, life, and love upon His lands
while a little one kneels beside her bed, saying prayers with folded hands

38 thoughts on “Sprinkle of Gold

    1. Thank you Jay, I really appreciate it. Yes, I feel blessed that I have access to such gorgeous photography on line. I previously started using other photographers work, as I always used my own work before. I am just a novice so I starting to prefer other peoples work. Thank you for the visit Jay and the sweet complement. Have an amazing day and stay safe. Love to you and all your family. Joni

    1. haha, I see your on to me Brad, not surprised, as I can tell you are sharp as a tack, because of your beautiful and structured style of writing. Not easy to do. In fact it takes me a long time to write a “close to perfect rhyming poem, in basic form.” Your very structured poems blow me away sometimes. I get caught up in the meter and forget what I am doing when I try that. Anyway thanks for your kind words and support as always Brad. Is there any nickname you are known by? I actually like my little nickname you came up with for me. My mom called me (Josie) not with a long o. Have a blessed day Brad and enjoy your Sunday. Sending you a lightening bug parade this evening, with beautiful fairies that will dance to the rhythm of the twinkling of the stars. Don’t catch any of them now, that is forbidden. Love and hugs Jonikins

      1. Thank you for all your kind words. I don’t have a given nickname, at least nothing that has prominently stuck as an alias. Luckily, I answer to just about anything. I will be watching the fireflies and fairies dance tonight! Hope you have a blessed day too!

      2. Ok, I guess I am going to have to come up with one. My ex-husband’s name was Bradly and was called Brad, so it is a great name but I would like to have another name I could call you. I actually really like your last name, Osborne. It is a very eloquent name and goes well with your style. After all it is a great Viking name and means the “Great Bear.” Well that is it, I think I will call you “Great Bear.” You too, have an amazing evening Great Bear. Love Joni

      3. Yea – Great Bear it is, come on, we know there is a little Viking in there somewhere! Love to you, Great Bear. (PS – my ex-husband’s name was Brad)

      1. It is a sincere pleasure J! Have a wonderful week ahead.
        I actually wanted to ask you if you received my comment on one of your posts called the sorrowful surrogate? Not that I am desperate, but I was not sure if my wishes reached you. It was one poem I loved so much that I almost sat there speechless.
        Quite a lot of times, I face similar concerns of comments going to the spam folder, especially the long ones. Please know that I absolutely appreciate the poem and I hope my appreciation reaches you.
        Waiting to hear from you.
        Love, and begonias,

      2. Hi Shanyu how kind of you to mention that. I will check my spam filter right now. I was told that I was at my limits with comments and if I didn’t see them within two days they would start dropping off. I have really tried hard to stay on top of comments. If I missed it I do apologize because comments take time to write and are meaningful to me. I will look now. I am so glad you enjoyed that post and I am grateful it meant something to you my friend. Have a truly blessed Monday. Love 💕 and hugs 🤗 Joni thank you for the beautiful begonias which are a delightful gift my friend. 🌸🌺

      3. Hola Joni.
        It’s absolutely fine dear. I am instead so moved by your understanding. I’m so happy to have befriended such a splendid soul.
        May you have a fantastic week and may you find the same love and appreciation that you wholeheartedly radiate.
        By the way, from our previous conversations, I actually got to smell a gardenia, though a local variety. I could say why you like them.

      4. Oh thank you so much my friend. I too am happy for our friendship. How marvelous you found a local variety of the gardenia. I hope it has the amazing sweetness that the southern gardenia does. Love and blessings coming your way dear friend. 🤗 Joni

  1. Shanyu – I found your beautiful message in response to “Sorrowful Surrogate.” It was in Spam and I don’t understand why. My only choice was to approve and no place to comment so I copied your extremely touching and humbling comment here:

    This is a very eloquent piece dearest Joni. I’m stoked with those lines. I literally could not speak for a minute or so. Dumbfounded under the poem’s grace.
    “Ripe the delicate fig I place inside my hungry mouth,
    its flavor heightened by a residue of sugar left on midnight lips
    sliding sluggishly down with laudanum and brandy”
    I read these lines and am certain that this will be an amazing poem, nevertheless beautiful and ripe with emotions.
    ” My heart exposed like a fawn shrouding in fear in the des bois
    for I am your young lover who must wait in the black abyss
    deliriums do create a sorrowful surrogate, for a fire that no longer burns”
    Then I read these lines, and I’m in awe. Such a wonderful segue from from the supple beginning to a vulnerable end and take it as a compliment.
    There was sorrow from the very beginning, but it was one in undertones in the start that sang loud and proud by the end.
    How do you manage to do that? Induce such polar feelings in those words?
    Dear friend, I do not know what to say. I am running out of words. Perhaps, this work of yours deserves so much more than this comment, but I have to say that you are changing my perception about poetry.
    When somebody says poetry is limited to the sky, your words as if in complete trance, even surpass the moon.
    Forgive me for the weak analogy, but this is just so so good.
    Oh dear, I’m moved. You really are the queen of poetry.
    Love to you.
    Sending you a pair of sunflowers. I know they are a weird choice, but it represents how this poem has made me feel: warm like a golden summer day.

    “I am humbled by your kind words and I am at a loss for words as your compliments and gracious thoughts about my writing, this piece. I am so delighted that you enjoyed the poem so much and your words are meaningful believe me. This was my first real try at a century piece and obviously it worked. When you get a comment or feedback like this as a writer (as you know) it is personal and emotional. So thank you from the bottom of my heart my friend. You certainly made my evening. As for the flowers, I love sunflowers and the fact that the poem made you feel like a golden summer day. Thank you for them. They will be in the house and placed where I can enjoy them all day and week long. Thank you again, Shanyu for your touching comment. Love and many hugs and thanks coming your way sweet friend. Love Joni

  2. My dear Joni, this poem was stunning!! It was shining like gold, so beautiful❣

    “a trail of love springs forth with morning glories
    as rain disperses drops, on steaming, searing sand”
    From the start, I was enchanted by your gorgeous words🌹🌹

    “an artist captures musical notes and the hearts….”
    “mermaids sprinkle gold on their pale skin
    while braiding memories interlocked in bright orange locks”
    You create such a vivid image in the reader’s mind, it’s just amazing!!!! I am swept away by your words😍

    Lots of love and hugs to you and your loved ones💞💞
    Have a beautiful week sweetheart🌷🌷🌺💕

    1. Oh Ishita my dear friend your words are always so appreciated.

      “It was shining like gold, so beautiful.” “I am swept away by your words.”

      Your comments mean the world to me. They makes me want to work harder. I hope that you are happy and doing well my dear friend.

      I am sending my love to you and prayers for a blessed week and a creative one as well. Love 💕 you Ishita❤️💕💖🌹Joni

      1. It is absolutely my pleasure Joni♥️♥️ Your comments mean the world to me as well!!
        Thank you for those lovely wishes my friend🌹💕
        Love you too💞

    1. Thank you my friend. I am so grateful you found it beautiful. I appreciate your visiting and commenting so much. Have an amazing and blessed day. Love ❤️ Joni

    1. Thank you so much dear friend for taking the time to read and comment. I know you are extremely busy. You are a good friend. Love ❤️ You. 🌸🤗❤️☕️☕️☕️

      1. I got ya my friend. I knew what you meant. Sometimes we have to read between the lines. At least I am getting your comments. Have an amazing day my friend. Love 💕☕️☕️🤗hugs and a strong cup of java coming your way. Joni

  3. You can certainly see your expertise in the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to say how they believe. Always follow your heart.

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