New Jerusalem

Poem by Joni Written 8/4/20 – Michel Angelo’s Painting (Versailles) Photo by Adrianna Geo

a brilliant light shines intensely white, as the power of God, does reveal
black corruption, murder, and seas of lies draping, but God’s Love doth heal
bringing forth life to all those born again, Our Father creator of His earth
angels tend to Jesus in the desert, but death, resurrection the goal of His birth
silence can be music, as one doth bow their head, in his covenant, awaiting
belief in This Man, God’s Son, Our Savior, an end to all need for utter hating
no more pain, suffering, or hunger when Gabriel’s trumpet shall indeed sound
for all His saints, called up in the clouds, and will be, New Jerusalem bound

33 thoughts on “New Jerusalem

  1. Beautifully written, Jonikins! Vivid images and old faith delivered in such angelic fashion. I love the form you used. It reads so smoothly with subtle rhyme and rhythm. Well done!

    1. Thank you so much Brad, I appreciate your very gracious words my friend.

      “Vivid images and old faith delivered in such angelic fashion.”

      Thank you Brad for your continued support. Sending love ❤️ Jonikins

    1. Thank you my friend. I know I look forward to it too. Can you imagine seeing Jesus, talking to Moses or Paul? Most importantly we will finally be with Our Lord. Have an amazing day my friend. Love and blessings to you. Joni ❤️💕

    1. Thank you my dear friend. I really appreciate your kindness and so glad you liked this line. Have an amazingly blessed day my friend. Love ❤️ and blessings to you and all those you hold dear. Joni

    1. Thank you John. You are such a sweetheart. Hope your week is going amazingly. Big hugs and lots of love to you my friend. Hope you know how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness and support. Love ya 💕🌺🤗Joni

      1. You are very graciously welcome. My week has been good so far. I hope that you week is amazing. Big hugs and lots of love to you. I appreciate you too.

      2. ❤️💕🤗💖❤️💕🤗💖YOU are very graciously welcome oh lovely one.❤️💕🤗💖❤️💕🤗💖

  2. Very very beautifully crafted! I loved your vivid imagery and splendid play of words♥️♥️ such a wonderful poem really Joni!
    Lots of love and hugs to you and your loved ones🌹❣😍

    1. Thank you dear Ishita. I am so glad you like it my friend. Hope you have an extraordinary day and evening my friend. Wishing you lots blessings and sending love and hugs. ❤️💕🤗💖Joni

  3. “Resurrection the goal of His birth”.
    “Silence can be music, as one doth bow their head”.
    Loved the above lines.
    This piece is so divine, Joni. 🙂❤

    1. Oh thanks my dear friend. Trying to keep my eyes and mind on the Lord these days. Things are too crazy without His focus.
      You stay safe and blessed my friend. Thank you for your continued support my kind friend. So glad you enjoyed the poem. Sending you love, hugs and blessings. ❤️💕🤗Joni

    1. Thank you my dear friend. I hope all is well in your life and your family is all blessed. You must be very busy these days. Thank you for reading and commenting Bulbul. Love to you sweet Bulbul. Hugs and blessings to you and all your loved ones. Joni ❤️💕

      1. I am good, Joni, and I wish you are as well along with your loved ones. Yes, trying to balance quite a few things take up a little bit of time.
        Much love and blessings to you too, Joni, take care. 💕🙏🤗

  4. Joni you have depicted the spiritual darkness of today. Your eloquent writing and artistic interpretation combines into a reality for all to desire God’s peace! XOXO Reflectively awesome!💕💐💕🕊

    1. Oh thank you so much my kind friend. I am so appreciative of your meaningful and supportive words. As always thank you for your comments.

      Sending you buckets of morning glories and fresh gardenias to put by your coffee press. Love ❤️ hugs 🤗 and coffee ice cream. 🍦🍦☕️☕️Joni

      1. Good morning! Happy Saturday Joni! You are very welcome! Thank you for your deep moving inspirations! Perfect are all of your sweetness for a non stop Saturday. I am going to take time to smell and drink my coffee, immerse myself with aromatherapy. Those ice cream cones look heavenly! Big Hugs to fortify your day! Cheers!🍃💕🍃🎈🎈🎈☕️☕️☕️🧉🍮🍮🧉💕

      2. You too my kind friend. Enjoy your aromatherapy and some great ice cream 🍨. Oh yea with some coffee of course. Love ya Joni ❤️💕

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