Guest Photographer

Wind Song

Hanging from a heartless hook, you remain suspended
Your structured tubes and strings attaching leave you
Lost in an atmosphere of windless room with hidden song
Solos never to be breathed or whispered disappear
If ere a whiff of paradise does come your sleepy way
Awaken in a dance of joy to birth a melody this day

Written by Joni Caggiano at age 17 – Delighted to have Janette Sande’s photographs to accompany this piece – She owns the rights to all her work, she resides by Seattle, WA

Photographs by Janette Sande (Canon Powershot SX260 HS), who decorated this tree on Camano Island, WA

20 thoughts on “Guest Photographer

  1. Pretty impressive for 17 – it shows an unusual level of maturity for that age, no wonder your work now is so good.

    BTW, beautiful picture – looks like a lovely place, even if the name “Camano” resembles a retro “car”! 🤓

  2. Thank you SB for you kind comment. It means a lot. Yes this was a disturbing time in my life as I was living with two alcoholic and abusive parents, so in a sense I was mature beyond my young years. Thank you for always reading and commenting. Love 💕 You Joni

  3. This poem is so carefree during such a difficult time for you. It fills my heart to know your writing has helped you to heal. I miss the beach seeing the photos. xoxo

    1. It has truly been a conduit for healing as well as therapy in my younger years. I have a blessed and happy life now. Yes, the pictures of the beach with seashells and seaweed make me smile. Beautifully decorated trees and amazing photographs. Love you bunches. ❤️😘💕Joni

  4. Lovely poem, Joni–I don’t think I have anything going back to my teen years 🙂 And the photos are wonderful–close to where I live 🙂 Blessings <3

    1. Thank you my sweet sister. Have kept a folder full of poems I wrote during troubled times in my teens. So glad you like the photos. She is a talented photographer and a dear friend. Have a blessed evening. Sending love 💕 Joni

      1. Yes I am all well prayers are so appreciated my sweet friend. Will keep you in mind. You can’t have too many prayers. Love you bunches. 💕💕Joni

  5. Good morning, Joni, what a beautiful work for a 17 year old girl. You were fantastic when you were a teenager too.
    I really love this poem.
    “If ere a whiff of paradise does come your sleepy way
    Awaken in a dance of joy to birth a melody this day”
    Gorgeous. Thank you for sharing hon, and plenty of love and hugs to you.

    1. Thank you sweet Gabriela I appreciate your kindness. I probably started writing at thirteen but it was an amazing escape for me when I was at home. So glad you like it. Love you too beautiful button. Joni

    1. Thank you so much glad you enjoyed it. My friend Janette also does great action shots I am hoping to feature her work again. Stay safe and have a blessed day my friend. Love 💕 Joni

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