“nature trapped” guest photographer Janette Sande

raindrops whispers archaic riddlestracks of beasts not yet createdcocoon puddles enfolding memorieshoney bees whistling at vivid flowersdaytime smooches cusp of eveningall borders propelled off this spherepacific tree frog jade on red maple impersonates a bandit, juveniles smileinside a glass globe, all nature waitsfor kindness to open its merciful gates   Happy Sunday my cherished WordPress […]

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My Featured Photographer Piera Jill

Piera Jill Bobroski is a photographer who has a passion for taking portraits for her closest friends, action shots for her son’s hockey team, and nature photographs of any kind.  She also takes real estate photos for local realtors, and loves to dabble in making interesting videos.  A favorite Aunt gifted her with her first […]

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Las Montañas De Ella

Frozen tears surround her as she slipsDirt sets up home on a wounded kneeHer tongue loose from drink, she tripsLost in the dark, she longs for the sea Broken wineglass, slivers marked in redShe sees in circles, memories to be bornHearts pilfered, tiptoe among the deadFemale shadows, broken as they mourn Faces like the pattern […]

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Old Soul

woeful calls of the sirenbroke the silencegone were the sightseers,tourists and their trashold were her branchesmermen wore envylike a blanket of giant kelpfor the old soul that stillheld the stunning spoton the floor to their worldyearning to float in the sunon her long-aged armswhile golden scales twinkledas a beacon for their kinsmenthey would call for […]

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Guest Photographer

Wind Song Hanging from a heartless hook, you remain suspended Your structured tubes and strings attaching leave you Lost in an atmosphere of windless room with hidden song Solos never to be breathed or whispered disappear If ere a whiff of paradise does come your sleepy way Awaken in a dance of joy to birth a […]

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