Innocence Betrayed

Green eyes shot serpentine spears of betrayal tersely into mine
Blinding me by your lack of love and all I once deemed kind.

Once to share my unlocked heart until misery maimed my soul,
Reclaiming your “forever after”, with the razor tongue you stole.

Untouched and pure was I inside for never had I loved before,
You, my love, were my measure, my breeze upon the sandy shore.

Traded for another, she gave you what I refused to give, my purity,
Rich, older, and my shallow friend, this was betrayal, not maturity.

Your cheating tore shards of flesh from my youthful fragile bones
Rivers of tears opened springs that cut my feet on slippery stones.

Visionaries sang my melancholy tune which made the angels weep,
As I headed toward a jagged cliff where bloody feet did take a leap.

Shadows of burnt-out stars and mist once seen upon the sea,
Where mermaids go to visit, and lovers run into a mournful me.

Seen walking on the coastal plain and singing near the ocean’s pier,
When the wind blows light, and lovers dare to venture all too near!

by Joni 12/31/19 – Photo by Joni


19 thoughts on “Innocence Betrayed

    1. Thank you so much, I appreciate your kind words. Your first love is one that is hard to forget if you are a passionate and try so hard to believe in people and what they say. Thank you for reading and for sharing you thoughts. Also glad you liked the picture. Have a wonderful first day of a new decade. Love ya Joni

      1. Thank you that just made my day. You are very kind. I appreciate your visiting and commenting on my blog. I just love all my sweet sisters and brothers within our community. Love you Joni

  1. You are a talented photographer Joni, capturing such pictures. I love taking pictures too, it’s a shared love

    1. Thank you Janette. You are a wonderful photographer and much more talented with your camera than I, especially I think when you are near your cabin. I love you. Joni

  2. Sigh!! Your words move me, Joni, they are beautiful. So deep and stunning, thanks for sharing this 😍❤❤
    PS: The pic is amazing BTW, you are a talented photographer!

    1. Oh Bulbul I hoped you would understand and be moved at some level by this poem. I am very flattered that you liked it so thank you so much. Also thanks for the kind words about my picture it means a lot. I love ❤️ you my friend. Joni

    1. Yes, indeed there are way to many to begin to count as most go unreported and often never surface as you know. As an adult thinking back I guess in many ways I am amazed at the cunning of these abusers. Love you, Anna

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