Living Veil

A tapestry, of my life, woven of sorrows,
desires, chance, and God’s truths.
Individually threaded by many hands both
known and unknown.
Patterns weaved with wool, cotton and
silk fibers into many shapes with
worn seasons distinctive and tender.
Harsh years where dyes faded and
unknown shadows mystifyingly emerged.
Tints of indigo and sapphire were ablaze
where fulfilled durations of time existed.
Skies met untainted lands of immense grandeur
where Angels danced, and God did so infinitely
bless my heart with His Divine Love.
A coverlet of life laid upon His Will,
where threads of gold shimmered with His intervention.
This creation folded carefully,
dressed a vale of blossoms,
scented with the spice and colors of my life.

by Joni 12/30/19

Photo by Joni Caggiano

9 thoughts on “Living Veil

  1. Beautiful, Joni! This is so serene and simple, overflowing with subtle emotions. Amazing work! 🙂 ❤🤗🤗
    Have a great year ahead! #happy new year 2020 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Bulbul it means a lot to me that you liked it. I appreciate your kind words. I hope your New Year is blessed with wonder and happiness. Love you my friend. Joni

    1. Thank you dearest Anna. You are so right and I know it is on God’s time line but honestly I can’t wait. Thank you Anna. I love you very much and it is such an honor to be your friend. 🤗❤️😘🙏

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