Sight (First in the sense series)

Two seahorses dance circles around each other,
For days the female decides if she will be a mother,
If she doesn’t like his dance, she will pick another.
The father will carry the eggs until ready in a pouch,
Mom will rest her body using a turtle as a couch.
Up to two thousand tiny live seahorses, Dad will birth,
Giving another miracle to God’s amazing liquid earth.
I bow my head and give thanks for my ability to see,
For underwater wonders would then be a mystery to me.

by JK Caggiano (Love y’all)


5 thoughts on “Sight (First in the sense series)

    1. That is so true. I do wish we could all open our eyes together and share our love with all peoples. Thank you so much for reading and for what you do. Your site is such a blessing for me. Love 💕 you 💕Joni

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