Harm to Once Clear Waters

Subsisting on algae bloom, chara, and tonewort,
In the brackish substance which once was clear,
My red haired friend moves beneath the waters.

Encountering her beauty in the mornings' dawn,
Close to the water her tail illuminating all colors,
Of the rainbows leading fairies to pots of gold.

Speaking to me only when land is void of strangers,
She combs her hair and explicates her ancient life,
A mermaid melody she sings to me with soft eyes.

Swimming together until dawn gives way to dusk,
Relaxing between the Cypress trees she shares a yarn,
Of murky water plaguing her world and causing harm.

by Joni K. Caggiano 10/08/19
Image property of JKC included in my book, “The Path Toward the Light” on Amazon. Illustration by Prasad Weerasinghe.

2 thoughts on “Harm to Once Clear Waters

    1. Thank you Janette. The illustrations will be done by the same artist in the next book. I am so glad you like it and read it. Thanks so much for that my friend. I know how many books you read in a month. So to be counted among the authors you have read is an honor. I love you ❤️ to pieces and to a years worth of chocolate and back.

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