Soup of Phrases

Sounds of the whippoorwill echo back boisterously in tune,
Crickets legs moving feverishly to make their constant blues,
While greenery throughout the yard is creating divine fall hues.
A female Anole eats her drying shedding skin for extra protein,
Exquisite is the web of the grand garden spider in the light dew,
and easily visible between oaks with the sky's bright etched blue.
Two-spotted fawns nibble on a patch of pliable moss and clover,
Aggressive is the squirrel chasing the bunny seeking seeds,
Soaring all seasons, the tired Red Tail Hawk also yearly breeds.
Seen from the window sill where I seek elusive floating words,
Intricately dipped and wrapped into rare bits and pieces of me,
Into this soup of phrases, I plunge to describe what I feel and see.

By JK Caggiano 10/3/19

Have a blessed weekend my friends may your love be hand-dipped in rich dark chocolate and delivered on a flying spoon! Love Ya’ll Joni


2 thoughts on “Soup of Phrases

  1. Ohhhh, Joni! Kindred spirits!! I adore dark chocolate and can (hope & pray?) that my love will be “hand-dipped in dark chocolate and delivered on a flying spoon.” What an inspirational & imaginative turn of phrase! Wishing you lots of dark chocolate love delivered on multiple flying spoons! 🙂

    1. Oh you are too kind my friend. Thank you for your very appreciated and sweet comment. My writing is improving because I have such a diverse amount of talent to follow. Dark chocolate is the best isn’t it. 💕 love Joni (I will be watching for those spoons with wings. You made my day Virginia. You never know when a kindness can literally lift a heart that needs it. So thanks for that too.

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