Water trickled slowly over old seasoned stones
Moss covered surfaces dulled their sharper edges.
A single lane was the rough old wooden bridge that
Covered the mysterious creek below which would
Call quietly to me, inviting me to come and sit awhile.
Resting on my haunches, I take in the buzzing creek life.
Crawdads were swimming backward when threatened.
Ferns move slowly echoing the call of the wild to all.
A crawdad is dining on its discarded shell while several
Moms carry newly hatched babies on their tufted backs.
Tadpoles swim with purpose, and Lilly pads bloom nearby.
A baby bunny runs close to the creek bed on the other side.
Silence is a friend of mine, the babbling brook a kind reminder,
That all life has a purpose, meaning and clarity comes from
Knowing that it is God's earth, we are simply visitors here.

Written by JK Caggiano 9/16/19 – a poem about a creek I visited often when living in Lexington, KY as a teenager. I escaped from home every chance I got and this place was so beautiful, it was easy to see God everywhere. Love ya’ll Joni

8 thoughts on “VISITORS

  1. Kinda creepy that crawfish eat their old shells – of course, I bite my nails, so I’m probably part crustacean 🤓

    Poetic and informative, thanks for posting! BTW, where was this “visit”?

    1. They do it for the extra calcium and phosphate for their new shells. Great question. This was a beautiful creek in Lexington, KY that was well hidden. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Love J

    1. You know Anna thank you for reading and commenting on this one. I had to go back and read it as I didn’t remember it. I went to that stream a lot. I cried there but I also had joy watching all the beauty too. The road that lead there literally was so grown up with old oaks that it created a tunnel effect. God’s presence was everywhere. I was grateful for that spot. Love to you dear Anna. ❤️❤️🙏

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