The ancient oak spread devotedly
            Her massive and protective arms
                    Just above the slow-moving, water blue.
For more than a millenium she had watchfully
            And eagerly provided a safe shelter for
                        All of nature’s friends she loved and knew. 

Rough was her etched bark and strong knots 
            Which lived intricately woven within
                        The network of her large and loving heart. 

God had placed her there for a purpose
            In that very spot, where she saw 
                        Lots of cruelty towards His creation from the start.

Still, she had done her job protecting 
            The small, and the weak as she provided shade
                        When sought, as well as a peaceful, joyful abode.

Holding on to the ground, her roots grew
            Stronger, as she watched the humans slowly learn,
                        As young ones jumped on the great fortress of that road.

Taken by Joni NIKON COOLPIX – 1000 Year old Live Oak Located in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

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