The Reawakening

Awakened, I clearly hear that spring is gloriously a knocking!
Gazing through the open, double pane, large windows,
Arousing me to delight in the splendor she does so unveil,
My eyes scan the land as I see nature’s gifts spread out,
Like a table of deliciously fresh baked bread and tasty sweets,
I see God’s love in the breeze and the movement of the willow oak,
The deer that show their faces briefly through the pines,
How they want to feed on the long, tender, young grass,
The doe stills, a striking statue makes, then bolts with her fawn, 
As a nearby neighbor turns on his loud, riding lawnmower.
I watch as a Carolina Wren grabs a caterpillar that’s just escaped,
Through the thick, white cocoon, woven on the Sawtooth Oak.
Oh, how the sweet smell of fresh cut grass seeps through the screens,
The Red Bellied Woodpecker beats out his harmonious sounds,
While the crickets sing, God’s music floods through the windows,
Entering my heart, and awakening my gratitude for her annual visit,
And the reawakening of her beauty in the southern lands I roam.
Awakening of Spring – Photo taken with Olympus E 520 by Joni

5 thoughts on “The Reawakening

  1. That beautiful photo is how I picture the Garden of Eden! A grateful heart is a happy heart…how wonderful that you can truly see the deep wonder of God’s creation.


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