Old Soul

woeful calls of the siren
broke the silence
gone were the sightseers,
tourists and their trash
old were her branches
mermen wore envy
like a blanket of giant kelp
for the old soul that still
held the stunning spot
on the floor to their world
yearning to float in the sun
on her long-aged arms
while golden scales twinkled
as a beacon for their kinsmen
they would call for her
until her roots gave way
and she became their
welcomed bride

Written by Joni on May 12, 2020

Featured Photographer Piera Jill – Camera used was a Sony CyberShot DSC-WX300

27 thoughts on “Old Soul

  1. Wow, hard to choose a fave from all these rich lines…but I’ll do my best: “mermen wore envy like a blanket of giant kelp”; “her long-aged arms”; “golden scales twinkled
    as a beacon for their kinsmen” <3

    1. Oh thank you dear friend. I appreciate your comment so much Rhen and I am so glad you liked it. My friends photograph just spoke to me. I just love the trees and the ocean. You can feel calmness at the ocean like no where else for me and the water has always called for me. Rhen I hope you are doing well. I know WA is still on lock down and I don’t go out that much unless I have a reason so I am fine. I worry about all the people who have rent to pay who lost their jobs. We are praying for wise decisions from leaders which is what God tells us to do. Love you Rhen. Please take the best of care. Joni 🌸🌺😘🌺🥰❤️

      1. I agree that the ocean is wonderfully calming–my happy place–wish I could go there frequently, but I haven’t been in years. My area of WA is Not in lockdown, but I stay home unless I need groceries because that’s my lifestyle–even before pandemic. Yes, praying fervently for those in much worse situations than mine, as well as wise decision-making from leaders. And I pray for you and your family, Joni–I know you will take all precautions. Love, L

      2. You are so sweet and dear to me Rhen. I pray for you as well. Your prayers are so very appreciated my dear friend. We are so blessed to have the peace that knowing God brings. I am grateful that we can be friends. You are a ray of sunshine, a reminder of hope and a blessing to me Rhen. Hugs coming to you. 🌸🌺🤗

    1. Thank you so much. I am so glad you enjoyed it. That makes me happy. I am so glad you enjoyed the photograph, my guest has a real talent. Thank you so much as always for reading and commenting. It means a lot. Take care and be blessed my friend. Love 💕 Joni

  2. Ah, it sounds like a magic ballad. I am bewitched honeybun. The heaviness and the beauty of the feelings are beyond.

    woeful calls of the siren
    broke the silence
    gone were the sightseers,
    tourists and their trash
    old were her branches
    mermen wore envy
    like a blanket of giant kelp

    Wonderful verses. Stay blessed and inspire us.

    1. Just seeing this gracious comment. Thank you so much for your kindnesses my friend. Your words mean so much sweet Button. Love you. 🌺😘🥰🌸❤️🥰

  3. I know almost nothing about poetry but enjoy reading yours because have good feeling after. Know a bit more bout photography, wish I could take a picture like today’s.

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting it really means a lot. I am so grateful you liked the poem. Also delighted you enjoyed the guest photographer. She is very talented. Her and I both share a love of trees. I hope you have a very special and blessed day. Love and safe blessings coming your way. 🌸❤️ Joni

  4. It’s so wonderful that the Lord gives us skin, and surrounds the earth with water and then he gives us seasons. Your words take me into a refuge. I go into myself for a new season. Everyday I cast myself before God and everything that interferes with His Will! This write is a spiritual sword Joni! Big Big Hugs!! ❤️🌺❤️

    1. Oh thank you so much. I am humbled by your gracious and kind comment. “This write is a spiritual sword Joni!” Your comment was beautifully written. Truly I am humbled. Thank you and I am grateful you were moved spiritually. I often pray before I write and ask God to help me write something he wants me to write. Your words just speak to the power of prayer. Hope you have an amazing rest of the week. Love 💕 and hugs coming your way with a cup of coffee and a fresh baked bun. 🌸🌺❤️

  5. I absolutely love this poem & the photo, it really touched my heart. Love you so much

    1. Thank you so much my dearest Janette. Your kind and gracious words mean the world to me. I am also so glad you liked the photographer. I think she has a great eye. Like someone else I know. I love 💕 you Janette. Joni

    1. Thank you. I just love trees and when I saw the photographer’s and picture it inspired me. I am delighted you enjoyed the photo. Blessings to you. Love 💕 Joni

    1. Too many to count perhaps. I just got up and haven’t had my coffee ☕️ yet so just can’t handle the math right now. Hoping to hear some good tunes from you today my friend. Sending you hugs 🤗 this morning and love. ❤️💕☕️ Joni

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