“nature trapped” guest photographer Janette Sande

Guest Photographer Janette Sande – Poem by Joni Caggiano

raindrops whispers archaic riddles
tracks of beasts not yet created
cocoon puddles enfolding memories
honey bees whistling at vivid flowers
daytime smooches cusp of evening
all borders propelled off this sphere
pacific tree frog jade on red maple
impersonates a bandit, juveniles smile
inside a glass globe, all nature waits
for kindness to open its merciful gates


Happy Sunday my cherished WordPress family.  If any of you responded to my comments to your post in the last two days, they may not have been answered.  WordPress was contacted late this afternoon and has already fixed it, but it is not retroactive.  So please forgive this as I know how busy everyone is at any given time.  Thank you for allowing me to be part of your life.  Love, blessings and peace, Joni

24 thoughts on ““nature trapped” guest photographer Janette Sande

  1. Lovely poem, Joni, thought provoking and inspiring as usual! We have all at one time or another had issues with the Happiness Engineers at WP; I get a kick out of referring to them as Unhappiness Engineers lol! Glad your issues have been address and taken care of. Lovely Sunday! 🐸 🍁 ✌🏼 💕

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    1. Thank you so much Nancy. That is pretty funny. Just gave me and my husband a good laugh. Thanks for reading and you have a wonderful Sunday as well. Big hugs Joni (love the little green frog emoji) haha. 🐸🐸🐸🥰

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    1. Thank you so much Terveen. Who is interested in a good bandit, haha that is no fun. Thank you for reading. Hope you are having a blessed Sunday. I am about to send you a short email. Sending love and hugs, Joni

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    1. You are very generous dear Tiffany but it means so much. My friend Janette is my longest known friend. That sounds strange but because when my father moved around with the military we never stayed in one place very long. We met at a job many years ago and she is my best friend. I am so glad you enjoyed this collaboration. Love you!!!! ❤️


  2. Your poem is just perfect with the photo & I always love reading your work. Thank you for including my little frogger buddy too! Love you

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    1. Thank you for being my guest photographer. You have a standing invitation always. Glad you liked what I wrote to go with it. Big hugs, you two have a wonderful evening. ❤️🤗🦋😊

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      1. I wouldn’t say I’m best guest photographer, you are very kind to say that. I do love taking pictures either with my camera or my phone. I love capturing a moment! Love & hugs!

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      2. You earned that title my friend. The post with all your photographs is still one of the post with the most likes, over 100. So there you go, big hugs and thanks for letting me use that adorable little frog photograph. Beautiful on that Maple, wow, what a contrast. Now I am hungry for a scone.

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