Francisco Bravo Cabrera Exhibition in Valencia


Francisco Bravo Cabrera, A.K.A. BODO VESPACIANO, was chosen by his treasured City of Valencia for a prestigious exhibition.  This is a highly sought-after and esteemed art show in the third largest city in Spain.   He will be exhibiting JaZzArt.  The showcase will include Expressionism, Surrealism, and the official showing of the new art form Francisco developed, called the Euro-Ku.  To learn more about this remarkable, multi-talented, and visionary artist, please visit the link below, written by his proficient representative, Gül.  The article she wrote accompanies a selection of Francisco’s work.  “The Edge of Humanity”

We worked with Gül about the pieces we purchased and a commissioned piece, which you can see and read about in the link below.  Working with Gül was a blessing as she was so instrumental and astute in the process.  Francisco took a lot of time talking with us about the commissioned piece.

On a personal note, we have become friends with Francisco and Gül.  As successful as Francisco has become from his diverse styles of painting, poetry, and music he remains humble, gracious, and faithful.  Each original comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity and is signed by Francisco and dated.

Francisco was great-hearted to collaborate with me on the artwork for my upcoming full-length book of poetry.  He was also kind enough to gift the pieces to us.  I am excited to announce that I have signed a contract to be published by Prolific Pulse Press LLC, in June of 2024.    

These are original paintings from my own collection. Francisco Bravo Cabrera owns the right to continue reproducing these paintings and selling them as prints. However no one can use the photos on this post without permission from Francisco or myself for the purpose of making money.

Painting is by Francisco Bravo Cabrera Title is “Life is Life” – Private Collection
Painting is by Francisco Bravo Cabrera No Title – Private Collection

44 thoughts on “Francisco Bravo Cabrera Exhibition in Valencia

  1. woot woot… congratulations Joni. And huge shout out to Francisco. Both of you deserve every good and fantastic thing that is coming to you. I look forward to the launch of your book Joni. Truly happy and excited for you.
    I follow Francisco on IG and i adore all of his posts, and the art and music which he showcases.
    Happy for the both of you guys. 👏👏👏💕

    1. Thank you so much for reading Nigel. I will have to read your story tomorrow. I should have plenty of time. This is such an enormous deal for an artist, he makes his living through his art! He is a very gracious man and his wife is a beautiful lady all the way around. Thank you for your kind words Nigel my friend. Love and hugs, Joni

      1. Oh thank you Nigel. Francisco has been working on his craft since he graduated from college. I am so very happy for him. It is so wonderful when you hear a story like this one, it just makes you smile. Thank you dear Nigel. 🌹

  2. Dearest Joni, thank you so much! You are a phenomenal writer and a blessed soul and it is an honour to know you and to have been able to assist with the illustrations on your upcoming book. Knowing and dealing with artists is part of the profession but meeting and befriending artists of faith is a blessing. Our love to you and Scott! We’re looking forward to the show and to your book publishing! Cheers Joni and Scott! All the best 🙏🏻🌹♥️🙏🏻

    1. Thank you so much Francisco, your words mean so much to me. We are very excited about your show and yes we have been blessed that God connected us in this life. Our love to you both as well. Blessings this coming week and we will be praying for a great success.

      1. It is my honor and pleasure, and I hope that this exhibition is everything you hoped it would be. You are one of the hardest working people I have ever met. I have such respect and appreciation for your work and the posts that you provide to help educate others about art history. With love and hugs from both of us, Joni and Scott.❤️

      2. The more I see your work the more I am amazed at the statements made by your artwork. Always left truly to the viewer but I see more and more each time I see your new work. So much of your older work is equally as beautiful. Hope you are having such a wonderful day. Big hugs and love, Joni

      3. Thank you Joni, so very much. All is wonderful and we feel truly blessed with the success of the third day of the show. Tomorrow is the BIG day! Love and blessings to you and Scott!

      4. Francisco, we are so happy to hear that you had such a wonderful day. You are surely sleeping by now which means tomorrow is probably already there for you and we are going to pray that you have the best day ever. We love you both, Joni and Scott.

      5. Thank you so very much Joni and Scott! We certainly need and appreciate your prayers, and we also pray for you both. All the best and a good night.

      6. Thank you so much Joni. You are one of the most kind hearted people I’ve ever met, both you and Scott. God bless you, and we truly appreciate your support! Love to you both ♥️

    1. Dearest Tim, you spend a great deal of time promoting and reposting other people’s work. You are one of the people who has helped me to get the recognition I have received. I feel like I owe you a lot, and I cannot express my appreciation, but to say that, your comments and reading my work has meant the world to me. Sending love and hugs always, Joni. ❤️

  3. Wonderful news from both you and Francisco, Joni! I’m so excited. Congratulations! I would like to review your book. Email me.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and your gracious comment. My book will be released in June of next year. The book is fully written, but Prolific Pulse Press is a very busy publishing house and that is the scheduling date when they were first available. I appreciate your willingness to write a review when the book comes out and I will let you know. Hope you have a blessed week, with love and hugs, Joni. ❤️

  4. Kudos to both you and Francisco. It’s refreshing to see good things happening to good people. Best of luck to Francisco on his upcoming exhibit, and also to you, Joni, on your book project. Exciting times, indeed. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Mike for reading this post and your very appreciated words. Francisco has been studying art and working his technique for so many years and his work is absolutely gorgeous. I am so excited and also want only the best for all the people on different venues who work hard to do well. I have wanted to write a book since I was seven and was sending snail mail letters to publishing companies back then. Prolific Pulse Press is finally fulfilling that dream for me and I’m very grateful to them for giving me the opportunity. I’m excited to have a date of June 2024 for the book to be published. Collaborating with Francisco and his art has been such a blessing to me and I wish him all the best on his upcoming exhibition. Great big hugs Mike. ❤️

    1. Thank you so much, Dawn, it almost seems unreal that I have everything lined up for the book to come out next June. It is such an honor for me that Francisco was willing to collaborate with me on this book. It was such a blessing to have this honor bestowed on him in his beloved city of Valencia, I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving. I’m also very grateful to Prolific Pulse Press, and Lisa Tomey. Sending love and hugs, Joni. ❤️

  5. Thank you so much for sharing and how exciting his paintings will be in your book…and Congratulations on your upcoming publication of your collection of poetry…I can’t wait. I’m so happy for you Joni!! 🤗

    1. Thank you, Kari, for your comment, which I know is from deep within your heart, and thank you for your continued love and support. I’m also excited and honored to have Francisco collaborate with me on this publication. It is such an honor to have an event like this happen in your beloved City, and we wish we could be there to support him in person, but he has lots of loving friends. Looking forward to visiting your site and seeing how your weekend went with your friend. Sending love and hugs to my dear friend, Joni ❤️❤️

    1. Thank you so much Cindy it means a lot to me. No one will hear anything else till the month of June of next year when it is due to be released. Prolific Pulse Press publishes a lot of writers that are really talented. I was so excited when Francisco agreed to do the artwork for the book. He also gifted his work. Although I will own the originals, he will still be the only one that has the right to print, show or do anything he wants with that art. The book is finished, and the artwork looks amazing, Francisco is having the most wonderful honor that his city, Valencia could bestow on him. I have enjoyed my collection of his work so much. We worried about hurting the paintings, more than anything else when we moved. They are really special to us. Thank you so much for your very kind words, Cindy, and for sharing again, the pictures of your beautiful new family members. I hope you can get a chance to enjoy them often. Love, hugs, and blessings.

      1. Well, I’ll look forward to it and I’m so delighted as you introduced me to his amazing work. Both of you so talented, it will be a huge hit I’m certain. Glad your paintings made it safe. It’s a pleasure to support yoiu always. Thanks for your heartfelt💖 wishes as well.. xo

    1. Dearest Anna, you have been such a kind friend. I always think about people that I love during the holidays. I truly hope that your extended family is doing much better. Sending you lots of love, hugs, and my prayers always. Love, Joni.

    1. He really is amazing. His work has a lot of metaphorical meaning. You will notice all the crosses on his work. We both feel in love with his work and purchased a few pieces and did one commissioned piece. We were so pleased, his representative Gül is also very knowledgeable and helpful. This was a special treat for us both. Big hugs Mich. 🙏🌹

  6. This has made my day! I am so honored to view the pieces you shared & I will read more about this gifted artist & beautiful human. Joni I am delighted for you on this well earned achievement that is your gifted talent. I am so happy about all of this news. Much love my friend

    1. Yes I have the most amazing respect for this unbelievable artist. He is amazing and I love his work. His exhibition was such a wonderful success. He is famous! Sending big love and hugs, Joni and prayers

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