God’s Grace – An Ameri-Ku

Original Photo of front yard by Joni K. Caggiano – Taken with my iPhone 14 Pro

Below robust magnolia leaf, monarch chrysalis safe on vein,

  as sweet the nuzzle of the fog, with sunset after rain.

Gentle the healing sun, kissing skyline splendors good-night,

  starlings *murmurate for warmth, and dance to delight.

Clouds above declare to us, God’s confirmation of His Grace,

  dusk wraps arms over creation, granting His loving embrace.

*murmurate – (Cambridge Dictionary) – a large group of birds, usually starlings that all fly together and change directions together or the birds act of doing this.

The Ameri-Ku/Euro-Ku is a style of poetry created by Francisco Bravo Cabrera (aka Valenciartist). This style is an homage to the traditional Japanese Haiku that highlights aspects of American/European/Western culture.

Please follow, like, subscribe to this amazing artist, musician, poet, teacher of history of art, and composer of lovely Jazz.  Francisco also does commissioned pieces.  Contact his representative for information on commissioned work.  Below are all the places you can find Francisco and his representative Gül.

Web/Gallery: https://www.fbcart.wixsite.com/jazzart

YouTube: https://www.YouTube.com/@FranciscoBravoCabrera

Instagram: @Francisco_Bravo_Cabrera

Twitter (X): @euskadi_bakero

Artist Representative: “By Guloshka”

Instagram: @Guloshka

Email: guloshka404@gmail.com

48 thoughts on “God’s Grace – An Ameri-Ku

  1. First off… the picture is gorgeous. 💙💙💙 second, it’s good to see you back on the blog world, you’ve been absent far too long and we’ve missed you
    Lastly, this is a marvelous piece of poetry. Perfect for my Saturday evening vibe.
    Lovely acknowledgement of Francisco Cabrera. You’re such a dear, kind soul, Joni. 🌹🌹🌹

    1. Thank you for all your kind words, our friend, and I’m delighted you liked the Ameri-Ku. He developed this style along with the Euro-Ku sometime ago and it’s really fun to try. You should give it a whirl. In fact, I’d love to see you write one of these and post it. Sending you great big hugs and lots of love.

      1. Well plugging is not bad. The older I get the more grateful I am for plugging along. Life is really slow here and I am grateful for it. Cow farm in front of us and a large grass feed cow and chicken farm to our left with 200 acres and to the right an acre of woods between us which we own so it is quiet and peaceful. Scott and I grunt when we get up from the floor now after being there for awhile. He jokes we are turning into his dad. ❤️🌹

  2. Wow Joni what an amazing view from your front yard and Ilove how you have captures it beautifully with your great iphone shot…It’s really spectacular. The poem is the perfect compliment to this living proof of God’s Grace, I love the concept of grace because I really know in my heart this is true.. You have penned it perfect and I love the style you chose. When we really stop to see Nature around us…is there any doubt that grace abounds freely? Not in my mind:) Big Hugs and so happy for you in your new gorgepus abode.. ❤️🌈❤️

    1. Thank you so much for reading and your sweet comment, my dear friend. I to, believe with all my heart and God’s grace. Thank you so much for your lovely message and I will be responding very soon. I am grateful to have such a good friend, when you get older, I think you really appreciate friends much more than when you were very young. Lots of things change as we get older, and hopefully wiser. I think you already know all this, though, thanks again, love always, Joni

      1. Ohh much love back to you Joni and I totally agree about the importance of friends…Friends are loved ones,, they too need nurturing and consistency..As I get older I cherish them even more and many have been for a lifetime (since grade school) I think this is true wealth that you can enjoy in the end cycle of our lives… Hugss my sweet friend 🤗

      2. You are so blessed to have friends from grade school. I can’t even imagine that as we moved so frequently. However, with your sweet soul I am not surprised. I think you will be with us for a very long time my friend. You are so right for being without loved ones in your life one could feel so empty. Hugs and sending much love to you dearest Karima. 🌹

  3. Lovely, powerful and sublime Joni! The grace of God is all around. The pic is phenomenal! And thank you so much, dear Joni for the kind mention. Love to you and Scott! Good to see you back on WP! After all, WP is the gold standard for poetry, art and all manner of blogging!

    1. Thank you our kind friend. I appreciate your words very much. I saw how you have written so many Euro-Ku’s on your site. I can’t wait to read more. Yes you are right about WordPress. I have missed all my WordPress buddies. You two have a beautiful evening. With love from the two of us.

  4. It is beautiful 🙏 the photography is astounding and you married the poem to it beautifully. All the joy and love in your new little world, and thank you for your poetry.


    1. Dearest Myriam thank you so much for your kind comment. I love your descriptive pieces so this means a lot. Thank you we love it here we feel very blessed. Big hugs, Joni 🌹

      1. I am happy for you! It remember me when we got here three years ago at the amazement of the river passing by the other side of the street, and which we can hear the song, night long, by the open windows.

        Nature is a blessing. Take care
        Myriam 🌹

      2. That sounds wonderful. I love the sound of water, it’s very soothing and I’m sure you both really enjoy it – there’s something about water, and nature in general, that has always helped my creativity. You guys stay safe, big hugs 🤗 ❤️

      3. Myriam this was in spam along with a comment from Barbara. I am so sorry. Thank you for the love and I am sending more back and many blessings. Hope you and yours have a most wonderful weekend my friend. xoxoxo

    1. Thank you, Tim, hope all is well with you, I really appreciate you continuing to follow me, I’m hoping to spend more time on WordPress. Big hugs and love ❤️

      1. Thank you Tim. You are a kind soul and I bless your heart right back. You take your time sharing so many people’s work and even helping people get established in WordPress. You are a dear man to me and I am sure you are a great husband too. Seriously thank you my friend. 🌹❤️🌹

    1. Thank you so much! We are really enjoying our place here in Virginia and are finally feeling settled. I plan on being on WordPress more often now. Love to one of my favorite storytellers. Big hugs, Joni 🤗❤️

    1. Dearest Barbara, I am looking forward to getting back on WordPress, and also reading MasticadoresUSA, Chewers and Hotel. It has been quite the process getting set up in another state after living in the same place for seventeen years. Neither of us had any idea how much was involved, just finding doctors alone was a big deal because of the shortage of healthcare workers. Sending my respect, love and hugs your way. 🤗❤️

      1. Oh thank you so much Barbara. I have missed your kindness and the magazine. Your poems with Nolcha are truly stunning Barbara. Sending you back the same my friend. Hope your weekend is blessed! 🌹

    1. Hello dear Tiffany, thanks for reading. Yes, we are very excited and feel very blessed to have gotten away from where we were. Our beautiful little country town probably doubled the houses and paved roads. This meant cutting down most of the trees, lots of dead deer on the small roads, and hideous traffic. I drove in six lanes of traffic in Seattle when I did contract work where I could not ride the bus, but this was worse. So grateful to have free range farmers around and more land. I feel like God picked us up and put us right where he wanted us. I hope life is being good to you and your honey Tiffany, sending my love, Joni

    1. Thank you so much Cindy. I appreciate the kind words Cindy, and your reading. I hope that you and your beautiful family are all well. We have gotten all settled and have doctors for us and for our little dog, Esther. I am glad you enjoyed the poem, it really is fun to write this style of poetry. Big hugs and love, Joni

      1. Oh I am so glad to hear it Cindy, family is so important and you have such a big happy family. Sending you lots of love and more hugs back at you!

    1. Thank you my friend. We are grateful for the blessings that are found in mother nature as we continue to hope others will practice ways to preserve the beauty that God has provided us with, and not to cause more destruction around us. Lots of love, Joni

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