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Veins of leaves pulsate with wrath, while willow oaks bleed through their bark.  Even the sun dared not share her vibrant rays without sunscreen as she clasps a bright red umbrella.  Flutes play sad songs while morning steam settles into cracks in sable earth.  Extracted hearts fearlessly hang from trees singing songs for the humans’ supplication for Mother Earth.  Milkweed sent out carrier pigeons to spread the news to shrinking Monarchs.  “Food is plentiful here.  Lay your precious white eggs upon my leaves.  Seek a bright red carpet laid out as your runway, our friends.  Spread your somnolent orange and black body amongst the meal God grew for you as seeds grow with His blessings!”

Dogs and animals eat granules of poison lingering to kill dandelions.  Her jagged leaves are the lion’s teeth, and she bites for survival.  She is weeping her downy tufts, and tears of milk drain from her toxic stems.

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Last month I took this picture of our milkweed growing in the front on the house. The tiny white speck is the monarch egg. Many of the leaves appeared to have these on them and we were hopeful for another group of monarchs. The photo below I took after a couple of weeks and the monarch caterpillars had begun to grow. Unfortunately, these were eaten by another hungry creature in nature.
These little guys eat so much in a day. We hope that another Monarch will lay her eggs later this summer and the caterpillars will grow big and fat.