My new Ameri-ku on masticadoresusa

Photo by Joni Caggiano taken in Kirkland, WA while visiting my daughter in the Summer of 2022 – This statute was in a yard on a way to her home.

Child’s Play – An Ameri-Ku

Children, grown, how we drift in thought, grieving, and yearning
energetic, youthful years listening to our children, playing while learning

watching tiny hearts laugh, making new friends with all who pass
we grow old; our little ones leave, we watch their play enshrined in brass


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Francisco Bravo Cabrera’s words regarding the Ameri-Ku: “The Ameri-Ku, that my dear friend and incredible poet Joni Caggiano (see her work on Masticadores India and Masticadores USA as well as Spillwords) has developed, is equal to the Euro-Ku but reflects a uniquely American perspective, which is different from the European worldview.”  Please give a shout-out to Francisco Bravo Cabrera on his site, when writing the Euro-Ku in Spanish, English, and soon Valencian, as the creator of this form.  I hope you begin to try this fun and unique way of writing a different style of poetry.