Exciting News! “Hidden In Childhood: A Poetry Anthology”

Dear WordPress Community,

Gabriela Marie Milton, Best Selling Author and owner of Literary Revelations Publishing House, just released the cover of the upcoming anthology.  I am extremely proud and grateful to have two pieces included!  If you have submitted work to be considered for this anthology, please be sure to check your email, and if you haven’t submitted any work, you still have until January 3, 2023 (submission guidelines here).

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Happy Holidays to all and a special thank you to each and everyone who reads my work and follows me on this writing journey.  I care so much for your support, love and acceptance of me in this wonderful community.  It is also my pleasure to get to know more about you through your beautiful work.  Big hugs, Joni 

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    1. Dearest Tangie you are so kind and I truly appreciate your words. You were one of the gracious people who started following me at the very beginning. I hadn’t written in a long time and my writing wasn’t very good but you must have had faith in me and you encouraged me, so I can never repay that accept to say thank you my friend. May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas celebrating the birth of a Savior. Love, Joni

    1. Dear Susi, I don’t think you need luck but of course I hope you get your pieces published. However, with the gorgeous pieces, “Loud” and “My Self Evolving,” which were so provocative and written so honestly, in the book”Wounds I Healed (The Poem of Strong Women) by Gabriela Marie Milton, how could you not be part of this new book. Hope you and your honey have a fabulous and wonderfully peaceful holiday. Big hugs, love and many blessings Susi.

      1. Well you are so welcome, she was encouraging people to still put in their work, I think she just wanted to perhaps let people know that their were a lot of people that had their work in. I think it was more of a kind jester especially to those poets that she knows and appreciates their work. Please do let us know. Sending you thanks from the bottom of my heart for how you were so kind and encouraging to me when I was getting started Susi, one never forgets those folks. Gabriela did the same, she was very kind and encouraging to me. xoxoxoxo Wishing you both the same. Big hugs, and love, Joni

    1. My treasured friend, thank you so much. I hope to see you in this new book as well. Your piece, “And Shadows?” was so gorgeous touching all the senses like your brilliant art does. One of my favorite lines from that piece is:

      “where old memories are anchored, like the smell of children’s laughter,
      or the image of red teardrops on the sidewalk,
      she feels the strength that builds up fast inside her.”

      Sending you both big hugs, our love and wishes for a day full of faith which you share everyday together and give testimony too, in the artwork that shows so much about who the man behind the brush is dear Francis. Scott and I both send you two our love always. Joni

      1. You’re very welcome dear Joni, and I thank you so much for your kind words. I have always been inspired and enchanted by your wonderful verses which Gul and I do enjoy and treasure. I will be submitting a poem to the new anthology, still working on it, and I look forwards to reading your works which will be published there. We both wish you and Scott and wonderful Christmas season, with peace, love and blessings. May you both enjoy tremendously! Our love to you both!

      2. You are so very kind, both you and Gül. I am happy to know that you enjoy my work Francis because you a such a multi-faceted talented man. I am glad you are sending in some work, I will look forward to reading yours as well. Thank you for the extremely kind best wishes and we are sending many back to the two of you. Thank you for your love and Scott and I send ours in return! 🙏

    1. Thank you so much my friend. I hope that all your family is able to get together over the holidays. Christmas is a symbol of how great God’s love truly is for us and a time to remember. Hopefully many remember every day! Sending big hugs and lots of wishes for next year to be one that brings the hungry food and water. Awareness that we have to want and care about each other no matter where we are, live and that we pray for those all over our world everyday that are less fortunate. Hugs and love to you and your loved ones my friend. Joni

    1. Thank you John. Yes Gabriela has done so much for the writing community. She wants to see people succeed. I knew the first time I read her work that she was an incredibly talented writer. I was completely mesmerized by her work. She works hard to give back to the community which is a blessing. Sending you big hugs and much love ad hoping you will be with family during the holidays. We try and give thanks and read the bible everyday and not just at Christmas. To God be the Glory! Love to your family! Joni

  1. Congratulations, Joni, on having your work included in this anthology. It’s definitely a well deserved honor and I’m happy for you, my friend! 🙂

    1. Mike you are a sweetheart, thank you so much. I truly hope to see you in this book, Gabriela’s first publication with her publishing company – Literary Revelations. (I am very happy for her – she is an amazing writer) You also write so beautifully my friend. I am glad you are my friend and I am blessed for it. Big strong hugs my friend. Love, Joni PS Hope you will have some family around during the holidays. We basically treat Christmas as any other day. We thank God for our blessings and for the sacrifice made on our behalf every day. 🥰

      1. Many thanks for your kindness, Joni. Biggest hugs back to you, dear friend, and warmest Christmas wishes to you and yours. Never stop writing–you bless us with your gifts. 🙂

    1. Oh Thank you my wise friend. You are such a kind friend and I appreciate you so much for that wisdom. Gabriela is still taking pieces but the deadline is coming up. If you are interested, if you haven’t already, you can send up to three pieces, The submit button on this post will get you where all the requirements are – they are not like many publishing companies – they are all reasonable It will be the first book with her new publishing company, “Literary Revelations,” and I think it will become a number one seller in its pre-order stage! I hope to see you there. Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy Holidays. I know how much you love nature so I had to tell you that we had about 16 turkeys in our back yard which is a natural haven. Then the deer came out in numbers and we trying to move the turkeys which were gigantic (no this is not a fish story my friend) and the did run off the squirrels and birds. You would have appreciated the scene. Sending you lots of love my wise friend. Love Joni

      1. What a lovely image Joni!

        And thank you for the encouragement to submit. My husband had surgery very recently and I have been so busy with work and making sure he has everything I haven’t time to do much extra (he is doing very well, but it is taking time to heal).

        I wish you and yours a wonderful, peaceful and joyous Christmas.

      2. I think you should you write lovely poetry. I would love to see you in the book. I think you only have till January 3rd but it is in the link under submit. She doesn’t make it difficult either. She is kind. I will pray for your husband and you both take care and hope you have a relaxing and peaceful holiday too. Big hugs and love, Joni

      3. I would love to see that picture, the turkeys, deer, squirrels & birds all out in your yard! What a joy to see! Congrats on your poems & I love reading all the positive feedback about my dear friend Joni. Sending bunches of love & Christmasy cheer!

      4. Thank you my dear friend. You have been on both of our minds this Christmas and wish I could blink and be in Seattle so I could come to your house and give you and Mark a big hug. Thank you for being my friend for two decades and always being there when I need to know someone has totally got my back no matter what. I love you Janette. Merry Christmas. Big hugs and love from both of us to you and Mark and your extended family as well.

    1. Tim you are such a sweetheart, I am telling you that your comments always go straight to the heart. What a sweet thing to say. I actually think it is two of the best things I have ever written. So I am blessed that they will both be published. There is so much talent out there today and poetry is not something you do to get rich, well except perhaps for those who truly make the mark. It is a love that lives within that makes us want to write what ever it is and we get pleasure from it. Sending you and your family all the best truly and I hope you get to enjoy yourself. Sending love and hugs my friend, Joni (Happy Holidays)

    1. Thank you Allan and I too hope the same for your family. I am guessing you will be going someplace wonderful and enjoying life, with some photography and good eats in too. By the way Allan you probably already know this but, The Edge of Humanity,” is now accepting new folks for publication. It is also a place you can do a photography or art feature on their Magazine and buy no commission. It might be a great place to make some money on your photography. Best to you and your wife, you two have a wonderful Holiday. Big hugs to you both! Joni

      1. Thanks Joni for your wishes and the info. We are spending Christmas Eve with our son and his wife and then Christmas Day on our own, with perhaps a video chat with our other son and his wife. Either way, lots of good eats and hopefully some walks. Too cold these days…-33C (27 below F) with a windchill of -46C (51 below F ). Have a Merry Christmas. Allan

      2. That sounds so wonderful. How nice for you two. My daughter always goes to Hawaii every Christmas for a month and a half. We had our Christmas dinner last night out and enjoyed ourselves so much and we will go see Avatar Christmas day. We celebrate our faith everyday. When you have kids at home I too decorated and bought presents, etc. While living in Seattle we started working to provide families that did not have any food and worked to provide food and gifts to families and other places. My daughter does the same now and I am so grateful she does. Those are some cold temperatures my friend, I think I would not venture out in that kind of cold myself. That is bone chilling weather. Big hugs to you both.

  2. Congratulations Joni and I too am very excited about this special anthology.. Having one of my poems included along with yours, and Navin’s (that I know about) and we will see soon all the others, is very gratifying and an honor too for me. Alf Mabrook and Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year! 🎉🌟❤️

    1. أعز كاري أبعث بأحر التهاني! أنا لست مندهشا على الإطلاق لأنك كاتب جميل ومثير للاستفزاز. لدي بريد إلكتروني خاص لقراءته اليوم. لقد ذهبت كثيرا البارحة. أرسل إليكم الكثير من الحب والعناق ، ودعونا نصلي من أجل أن يرسل الله لنا سنة يسودها السلام ولا يموت فيها طفل من الجوع. أحبك كاري
      ‘aeazu kari ‘abeath bi’ahari altahani! ‘ana last mundahishan ealaa al’iitlaq li’anak katib jamil wamuthir lilaistifzazu. ladaya brid ‘iiliktruniun khasun liqira’atih alyawma. laqad dhahabt kathiran albarihata. ‘ursil ‘iilaykum alkathir min alhubi waleinaq , wadaeawna nusaliy min ‘ajl ‘an yursil allah lana sanatan yasuduha alsalam wala yamut fiha tifl min aljawea. ‘uhibuk kari

  3. Shokran gazeelan Joni, for taking the time to send me your own warm congratulations in Arabic:) I too wish the New Year will bring peace and food for all, especially the children. Much love to you too dear Joni and enjoy your Christmas celebrations and Happy New Year for you and all. Love you too, b’hebik Kari

    1. إرسال الكثير من الحب إلى الوراء وأتطلع إلى قراءة عملك. أنت أيضًا تستمتع بوقتك مع الأصدقاء وربما حتى ابنتك. أرسل حبي مرة أخرى ، جوزي
      ‘iirsal alkathir min alhubi ‘iilaa alwara’ wa’atatalae ‘iilaa qira’at eamalika. ‘ant aydan tastamtie biwaqatik mae al’asdiqa’ warubama hataa abnatuka. ‘arsal hubiy maratan ‘ukhraa , juzi PS I hope I didn’t make a mess of this, have a blessed week and I will talk soon, much love, Josie

    1. Thank you Terveen. I am so excited about being part of this book. It will be a very special book for many people who hopefully will find some healing and realize they are not alone in their feelings of pain and sorrow. Hopefully people will also know that challenges in life make us the strong women and men that we are today. Blessings to you Terveen and what a mentor you have been for me. I have been so blessed by this writing community and I am thankful for each of those blessings. Big hugs, Joni

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