Luring Nature

© Photography by Joni as is this poem – I hope you enjoy the beautiful flowers that grow well in the Northwest – I was surrounded by bees at every turn – (what an amazing sight)

he touches me through lavender silk
bumble bees gather tiny dots of yellow
spirited hands touching warm, yielding flesh
a vivid sun puts on an eye patch, an attempt at veiling
us, as our desire heightens, pine and sage, breathing and smelling
my darling, there is a spot you have not yet found, and I am not telling

I have no idea what this flower is, but I sure took time to ask her if I could capture her alluring beauty

God hangs her beauty like the spider weaves her web, from the center, and it gets bigger and more beautiful the further the breeze takes you. His hands created and still creates a canvas every morning that brings life to your eyelids.  Sounds beckoning our tippy toes to dance crawl through the windowsill.  (A wee quote from Joni)©

2 thoughts on “Luring Nature

    1. Dearest Manuela, I absolutely love the piece you chose to put on the top of the interview. One of my favorites and so glad it must have spoken to you. Thank you so much for providing me the opportunity to have an interview with you. I also appreciate your kindness and your thoughtful correspondence with me. It was a gift, so please accept my very heartfelt gratitude. Sending you my gratefulness and prayers for many blessing!! ❤️🥰

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