My New Poem Slow demise On MasticadoresUSA

(The photo is a yellow-jacket nest taken by Joni Caggiano of a Yellow Jacket Nest – read further description below)

red moon elevates levels of a blue-gray ocean with its pull
lizards eat meat from their bodies as they outgrow skin
ants move eggs deep as it freezes near the top of the earth
hoping for borrowed time and their instars to be birthed

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Gabriela Marie Milton

(Due to the hot winter weather last year, the yellow-jackets never died from last year, making them a real danger to many people)  I took this photo in October after a professional came to treat the nest whose inhabitants had bitten a person in our neighborhood eight times. Stinging insects like wasp and yellow-jackets let out a pheromone when they sting, which tells other members of their hives to come and sting the individual in the same area.) 

48 thoughts on “My New Poem Slow demise On MasticadoresUSA

    1. Thank you so much Terveen I really appreciate you and your comment. You are right some times it can literally boil down to a human life or an insect. Luckily the man didn’t have to go to the hospital but it was bad. Have a truly blessed evening and great big hugs of appreciation. ❤️🤗🦋Joni

    1. So true Tim. Thank you for reading and I appreciate how wonderfully supportive you always are to me. I don’t take your time for granted, it means a lot to me. So glad we met. Big hugs to you and your family Tim. Love ❤️ Joni

  1. The piece was beautiful dear. And the footnote gave me chills, it was informative as well. I did not know that. lOve and sunshine. 🙂

    1. Thank you Cassa you are so right. Everything has its own function and it’s own balance. Indeed our Maker does make that happen. Thank you so much for reading Cassa. Loved your comment too. Sending much love. ❤️🤗🦋🥰

    1. I am very excited that Joni had her poem published as well! Thank you. Your writing community has always been so supportive of Joni (my soul sister & very amazing friend). I soak up the comments people leave to Joni on her work & her loving responses back to each one. A perfect Valentine’s evening for me, to read so much love.

      1. Oh Janette this brought tears to my eyes. What a sweet thing to say my long and dearest friend. I sure miss you. I think the older we get the more precious our friends are to us. I love you Janette. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day with Mark. ❤️🤗🦋🌹💕🥰

  2. A most beautiful poem, powerfully spoken with precise word and intonation. Joni you have created a work of art perfectly filled with emotions. Lovely work indeed!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment Francis it means a lot. You two have a truly blessed weekend. Enjoy that sunshine and just an enormous congratulations my friend. We couldn’t be happier for you both. Love from us!!!!

  3. This just made my day dear Joni. Your poem, the recognition & the comments I just gobble up reading. I love you!! I am so proud of you! Just wow!! xoxo

    1. Your words mean so much to me Janette. Please remember that I might still be unpublished if it were not for you. All the constant love, encouragement and belief in me when you read my first two books I didn’t publish kept me writing. You have a hand in this my gracious friend. Sending my love and a big warm hug to both you and Mark. ❤️🤗🦋🥰🌹💕💝😘

      1. Sweet Joni, what a kind thing to say about me encouraging you, I always gave honest feedback to you when you trusted me enough to read your books, I feel very honored, but in all reality, your talent has always been inside of you & it was your destiny to share your stories & poems, for that I am grateful. You are using a gift God gave to you to help others, & yourself too, as writing brings you joy. You remain such a special friend to me, & I am so thankful for you. Love you bunches!!

      2. Dearest Janette thank you for the other night first of all my dear friend. I miss you so much and am so glad both you and Mark are doing well. Thank you for these kind words, only you could write something so very sweet about me as you have known me, worked with me, ridden swings with me and you have known me for over two decades. You are always there when I need you and you too remain a blessed friend and a hopeful spirit as the strongest woman God has ever put in my path to date. I love you Janette, thank you for your gift of kind words.

    1. Very true and I see God all around me. Nature is such a beautiful gift God has given us and we should cherish that gift. Hugs 🤗 ❤️🦋😘

      1. I can tell your work is beautiful. Your descriptions are amazing. Kind of sweet Holly to introduce you and I am so glad she did. Big blessings to you. 🤗❤️🦋

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