My New Poem, “Memories Buried In a Box,” Now Live at MasticadoresUSA

Jacob Dyer Photo Unsplash Sunrise Tree
Photograph by Jacob Dyer (Unsplash) Poem by Joni Caggiano

I am honored to be published in MasticadoresUSA (Editora: Gabriela Marie Milton, Director: j re crivello)

I am the seasoning in your food, infused with blood-tinged love
grave diggers plow a hole into my left eye, now crossed
black memories are buried there, along with my vision
lifeless in a woeful, cardboard box, are my wedding rings
my father’s voice chasing me, calling me a whore, and other things

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64 thoughts on “My New Poem, “Memories Buried In a Box,” Now Live at MasticadoresUSA

    1. Oh thank you so much Tim. I am grateful for being included in this beautiful publication. Hope you and your family
      Have a nice long weekend and a good Memorial Day. Love and hugs to you two. ❤️🤗 Joni

    1. Thank you Filarance your words mean a lot to me. I do so appreciate your kindness and am truly pleased that you liked the piece. I hope you have an amazing weekend, my friend. Sending love, Joni

      1. Awwww! I’m flattered by your words my amazing friend. Most welcome! It’s all my pleasure. I’m so happy that you loved my name.. Sending you loads of love and big big hugs..💖

  1. I just read it Joni and commented there. It’s soooo good and I’m soooo happy for you. Congrats❣️❣️❣️ Great piece❣️❣️
    Happy Sunday dear friend closer than far❣️

    1. Thank you my dear friend. I treasure your friendship, my friend closer than far. I always appreciate your reading, and your comments. You have a wonderful Sabbath too. I take it you are 100 percent now or pretty close after that amazing post you did, wow. You are something else and have the energy of someone in their 20s. Love you Cindy. xoxoxo Joni

      1. Oh you’re sooo welcome and i was so excited to see your beautiful poem in the publication. Oh thanks my dear, it’s lovely and a good break❣️❣️❣️ Oh thanks, I am feeling back to my “20 year ” ole self again… 🤣🤣 Thanks and love you too dearest🤗👏🌷

      2. I am so grateful for your loving support Cindy. You are amazing. Such a bright light with a sincere motivational heart. Thank you as I am delighted you liked it and thrilled Gabriela published my work. Love you and so
        grateful you are better. Yea!! Go get them girl. ❤️Joni

      3. Oh it’s my pleasure and that’s sooo kind of you to say. Thanks truly for being such a great inspriation writer and all the support as well. Sush an honor!!!!! Thank you my dearest❣️💖💖❤️you have a good day💖❤️🌈🌈🌈

    1. Oh, thank you Allan for reading and for your very kind comments. I do truly feel honored to be published here, it is very special to me. I am appreciative of your kind words about the piece. You described it beautifully. As a writer and photographer you understand how we gather many experiences over our lives and there comes that emotion. Hope you have a great day with your family Allan. Love to you all, Joni

    1. Thank you so much Francisco. I am thrilled to be published here and so grateful for my truly loved friends who have supported me. I really appreciate the very kind words you have used describing my piece, thank you my friend. Hope you two enjoy your weekend. It is strange, today it is 72 degrees in Valencia and here it is 57 degrees. Two days ago it was 90 here. The weather is perfect there, you two have fun. Love Joni xoxoxo

    1. Thank you so much David. I appreciate your congratulations very much. I imagine you are having a lovely day with your family today. Sending love and blessings to you and your family. xoxox Joni

  2. Heartbreaking. I am so glad your work is receiving recognition, Joni. Your eloquence deserves a wide audience. I hope things are good w/ you, my friend. Sending much love your way, A. <3 <3 <3

    1. Dearest Anna, thank you for your words. They touch my heart dearly.

      “Your eloquence deserves a wide audience”

      What a very kind thing to say and I thank you from my heart which I wear on my sleeve. I felt honored that Gabriela published my work on Masticadoresusa.

      Sending you my love and prayers and thank you so much for your love Anna.
      Love, Joni

    1. Thank you my friend, I am glad you liked it and also thank you for your congratulations. I hope you are having time to spend with family and friends this Memorial Day. Sending love, Joni xoxoxoxo

  3. “Infused with blood-tinged love” – no one can invoke two different feelings with one line as well as you can ❤️ Utterly brilliant, riveting poem. I greatly enjoyed it ❤️

    1. Wow thank you my dear friend. I appreciate your taking time away from your wonderful family to read me. I hope you and your Colonel had an amazing Memorial Day. I know you all made unbelievable sacrifices for his service so thanks to you all dear Jill. Love you. ❤️🤗😘

  4. Oh, wow, Joni! It’s amazing what you can say in so few words, you are an incredible writer! Congratulations on the publication, everyone should be reading your work!!! 🥰📖🎉👏💖

    1. Oh Tiffany what an amazingly kind thing to say seriously. You made my evening. I was so grateful to be published in this beautiful magazine. It was an honor. How do you manage working outside the home, being married and painting such beautiful work? I don’t know how you do it but it is obvious that you are a hard worker my friend. Sending love, support and thanks. ❤️🤗😘

  5. Congrats my wonderful talented friend Joni! I am so proud of you. So very exciting!! xoxo

    1. Thank you Janette, you are so sweet. You are so supportive. I was so honored to be posted on this internationally known and incredibly successful publication with over a million followers. I am sure Gabriela will build the USA version of Masticadores readership to big numbers as Editora, the Director is j re crivello – amazing. Happy for her too. Obviously he has done an incredible job, unbelievable really. Miss you sweetie. Looking forward to your feature on my site. Thank you so much for agreeing to do so. Hugs and Love

    1. So blessed that you read so much of my work. Thank you Kinge, again your support means a lot. It is time I visit you again too. Sending love to your family. Hugs 🤗 Joni

  6. Hi Joni, I have tried to follow you but it says my email is invalid and I can’t do anything but like your posts, I am surprised it lets me comment. Now it says I am following. The internet is strange.

  7. It has been stressful! It felt like being unfriended. You are so talented and such a lovely person, I want to keep you as a friend. I am persistent. I did a podcast for the first time. Here is the link. I somehow repeated it so you can click it off after the first one. I will get brave enough to do another one soon.

    1. Brenda, I would never do that my friend. I haven’t been able to comment on any of your post for weeks. It comes back with an error message. I listened to your podcast and what a wild story. It really makes a person stop and think about how little care and compassion some corporations have for their employees. Sounds like you worked very hard and were not appreciated at all.

      Good for you for trying something different. More people are starting to recite their poetry, stories, etc. Great job. I don’t understand what happened with our accounts as you could not respond to my posts either. Wishing you an amazing and wonderful week. ❤️🤗Hugs Joni

  8. Thanks, sweetie! I missed you so much and am glad we were able to finally get all this straightened out, I only wish I knew how we did it. I think I wore your site down, it kept telling me my email address was invalid, I just kept putting it in over and over. Now I am following. This weekend we talk to the kids. We schedule a time on a weekend day and we do a video on Facebook or Google. It is good to see their smiling faces.

    1. Oh that sounds like a lot of fun. I miss my daughter so much. I hope it is fixed for good. WordPress is also trying to help me on some other issues. It was nice to see you got the courage to do the podcast. Good for you. Hope you enjoy the visit on line with the kids. It is better than not seeing them at all.

      Sending my love Brenda. I am hopeful as I got this post and you got my response. I hope you receive this one. Love ❤️ Joni

    1. You do spend a lot of time on line. I have to space my time out. I get some work done in the morning and then I let myself do some reading which is fun and meeting new authors and painters. In the evening I try to get two hours in but it just depends on what is going on. You have an amazing evening. Love Joni xoxoxxo

  9. Wow! You left me with my mouth wide open…. This just creeps up on the reader and then knocks us down, in the last line. You have a very unique brilliance in your poetry Joni..I am enjoying getting to know you through your words🤗

    1. Oh what a very kind thing to say:

      “You have a very unique brilliance in your poetry Joni,” what a lovely compliment. Thank you so much for reading my work, I am so glad to have your visit and comment. Thank you very much Karima. xoxoxo Joni

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