Travel Photo Challenge Day 5



Welcome to day five of The Ten Day Travel Photo Challenge.  Remember it is ten days, ten photos and ten nominees. 

I am nominating an amazing nature photographer who I met this year blogging.  Please look through her beautiful photographs.  Her name is Lynette.  

If any of the nominees don’t have time to participate, we understand, as we are all busy doing what we do.  Regardless I hope you will check out their beautiful work capturing the splendor of our world.  

I was nominated by Francisco Bravo Cabrera
Travel Photo Challenge Day One nominee: Stuart Aken
Travel Photo Challenge Day Two nominee: Timothy Price
Travel Photo Challenge Day Three nominee: Ted Jennings
Travel Photo Challenge Day Four nominee: Vova Zinger
Travel Photo Challenge Day Five Nominee:  Lynette Darty-Cross


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    1. You are so smart my friend. The are in a place called Little Washington along the coast and you were right. Score one for my friend, ya!!!!!! Go my friend. You have won a trip to ride Katy’s dragons 🐉 with me and you get to hang on to the fairies 🧚‍♀️ after your boot comes off and you get to go for a swim with a merman 🧜🏻‍♂️.
      Thank you my friend. Hope you are doing ok and not too uncomfortable. Sending love from Scott and me both. Give Mark our love.

  1. WOW! You’re really good! this is gorgeous!!! Thank You! Sending huge hugs Your way and hurrying to Your next post as the dragons think that flower’s candy!!! 😄❤️🤗

      1. AHHHHHH!!!! But of COURSE Your flowers are all edible!!! I’ll tell him to chow down!!! My flowers are all edible as well but some of them will turn You into different mythical creatures and there are days when I forget to label them or what each one does exactly….so I try to keep the dragons from eating them willy nilly! 🤣 And My pleasure!!! And I’m sending Much Love right back to Y’all!!! 💖💖💖!

      2. Good to know kind Katy. Yes “Willy Nilly” might not be good. Sending love to y’all too kind Katy. 🤗💕❤️🐉🐉🧚🏻🧚🏻

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