Travel Photo Challenge – Day 4


Welcome to day four of The Ten Day Travel Photo Challenge.  Remember it is ten days, ten photos and ten nominees.  Hopefully it is a way of brightening up the days for those who are not able to get out.  The location of the picture above is somewhat given away if you take a good look at the trees.

I am nominating an amazing nature photographer who I met this year blogging.  I look forward to seeing his photographs every day capturing the beauty of our world.  Here is where you can find his work, Vova Zinger’s Photoblog 

If any of the nominees don’t have time to participate, we understand, as we are all busy doing what we do.  Regardless I hope you will check out their beautiful work capturing the splendor of our world.  

I was nominated by Francisco Bravo Cabrera
Travel Photo Challenge Day One nominee: Stuart Aken
Travel Photo Challenge Day Two nominee: Timothy Price
Travel Photo Challenge Day Three nominee: Ted Jennings
Travel Photo Challenge Day Four nominee: Vova Zinger

39 thoughts on “Travel Photo Challenge – Day 4

    1. Thank you Tim, quite the compliment coming from you. I am glad you liked it and you are right with those trees and all that moss they would be. By the way the story I read based on your trees was so well done and so creative. I just love that you have a Gabriela tree. Your heart tree is so special and your owls are so beautiful. Sending love and many hugs to y’all. By the way I may run out of nominees for the contest as many people are too busy which is understandable. I am going to continue posting photos. Kisses and hugs I y’all ❤️💕🤗😘

    1. You are very kind. Thank you for your kind support Suzette. I am definitely an amateur especially considering my nominees but I enjoy it. Love to you my dear friend. Hope and pray you are having a blessed day and feeling well. Love you Suzette. 🤗💕❤️🦋Joni

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I love that tree. I fell in love with that graveyard. I know that may sound weird. However it had so many breathtaking angel statues. 🦋🤗💕❤️

      1. They can be very atmospheric places, Joni. When I worked as a graphics technician at an art college, the art students decided to do a project based in a local cemetery that had been neglected for many years. I went with them to record their activity (and to keep an eye on them and make sure they behaved responsibly!) They were wearing make-up as ghouls and other supernatural creatures, and the resulting shots gave me another feature for a photographic magazine. I’d completely forgotten about this until I saw you picture. Yours, of course, is all lightness and calm, whereas my stuff was pretty dark.
        The angels on the graves can be very photogenic, too.

      2. Wow that sounds so exciting. You must have been an awesome instructor. Where haven’t you been published my friend. Sending love, just about to step out of the house and do shopping for the next twelve days. I haven’t been out in a very long time. You are pretty special my friend and I know your wife is too. 🦋🤗💕❤️

  1. All the green reminds me of home. I am also in awe of cemeteries. so much history & intrigue. Each marker holds a story of someone special who walked this earth.

    1. So true my dear Janette. It is and those were very old graves too. They do tell a story so true. I wonder if that is why I am drawn to them to take pictures. I wish you had a WordPress account so you could participate in this challenge. You would be great. Your photography is wonderful. I hope your foot is better. I love you
      my sweet friend. We will talk soon. Love you, your dear friend Joni

    1. Thank you my kind friend. Would you be willing to be involved with the Ten day Travel Challenge. I would love to put you on next. I am finding that it is difficult to get people to commit because everyone is so busy. Boy I would love to have you be tomorrow’s nominee. Please let me know. I would love it if you could but don’t want to push anyone either. Thank you for your kind words my friend. Love ❤️ and blessings for the holiday season. 💕❤️Joni

      1. I would say something about your work and nominate you. You would then post ten photos of ten places without telling where the location is. You would link back to me. All the people doing this are mentioned on my site. Most are experts with studios, etc. some people can’t do it because of the time. If you want to know about it look at day two and it explains everything. It is a way to brighten people’s day and also people meet more photographers. 🤗💕❤️ let me know what you think. Thanks you. Joni

    2. Hello my friend to connect to me – you would say you were nominated by Joni and put my link to word press there. The link would be Then you can say it is The Ten Day Travel Photo Challenge. If you have someone to nominate a fellow photographer then you put their link in and let that person know you have nominated them. You can start after the new year if you want. Your photography is gorgeous. You can post any photograph. I will nominate you tonight if that is ok and you start when ever you can. If you can’t find people to nominate just post a beautiful photograph that you have taken for Ten days. People that don’t know you will know how to find you. Send Christmas wishes of health, happiness and a love filled year. 🤗💕❤️Joni

    1. You are very kind thank you both. A dirt nap I did that as a youngun but not as an adult. I will have one as soon as possible. Love 🤗🦋💕❤️🧚‍♀️🧚🏻🐉🐉
      J and S

      1. 🤣🤣🤣 Wait! Don’t take a dirt nap yet! It’s his way of saying someone has died!!!! 🤣 And You know, Tennessee Williams called grave yards bone orchards. So we’ll say….Ah….so and so’s now taking a dirt nap in the bone orchard. I love that saying. 🤣 It’s a very sweet way of putting it!!! Sending Love right back! Sweet Bill does not share in my blogging the way Scott does Yours. He’s very funny. He wildly supports my art but does not look at my blog. I asked him once if he’d like to follow it and he laughed and said, “Darlin’….I LIVE with Your blog!” True, true!!! 🤣 I tell him about all of Y’all though. And now and again I’ll say something like, “…my sweet friend in North Carolina was saying….” and he’ll counter with something like, “Ah! That’s really cool! My friend from Colorado said….” and he’ll make something silly up! But I do send him the Love and he smiles!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖!

      2. Thank you for telling me what a dirt nap was. I have never heard that expression but I love it. “Dirt nap in a bone orchard.” I love that.
        I understand Bill has to share you with many people and blogging takes a lot of time. I completely understand. Scott knows about maybe six of my friends and I read or he reads their work as well.
        I love my blogging family.
        It is funny how he lets you know he isn’t interested. He sounds very special. Sending love your way. 🦋🤗💕❤️🐉🐉🧚‍♀️🧚🏻

      3. Right? I love “Dirt nap in the bone orchard” as well. 😊 And yes…one of my favorite things about Bill is that he’s very honest. It’s so nice to be around! And Yes!!! I love my blogging family as well. It’s AMAZING how many talented, wonderful people are around blogland. I learn so very much and am stunned at all the knowledge, beautiful poetry and art and scultures and culture and on and on and on that is offered up and gifted! Very inspiring and it’s helpful to have such a strong community of artists. Sweetness!!! Sending You the hugest hugs and smiling at the vision in my head of You and Scott reading to one another!!! 🤗💖🦋🐉🧚🏽💕😊!

      4. Kindest Katy I love knowing what the dirt nap is now. Yea!!!
        You are so right about the wonderful community, the learning from, and support, it is amazing.
        Honestly, is such a blessing and a divine quality. You two have an amazing evening. Sending you love, hugs and many thanks for our friendship. 🤗💕❤️🧚🏻🧚🏻🐉🐉💝Joni

      5. Thank You! I hope Y’all have a wonderful day! It’s looking like it’s going to be a lovely one here! And I am so very grateful for our friendship as well!!! 🤗💖🐉🧚🏽🦋💕😊

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