I Dream of Mom and Dad

Poem by Joni Caggiano – Photograph by Johannes Plenio (Pexels) – a 1 minute 7 second read

The sun was setting on my back, delighting me with fall whispers
Trails of auburn and ginger colors left kisses of white ribbons on my skin
An anole wiggled with his last taste of energy behind dried leaves
I heard a lone saxophone from an outdoor restaurant crying high notes
That is when I saw her, she was young again
Pulling up garden bulbs, her pride and joy in the sand
Green ferns were blowing notes her way as she began to dance
Oh no, this was no happenstance

Mama – I felt my lips move as the word traveled in the still muggy layers of my dream
Slowly turning, bare feet slightly in the air with pink toenails
I’m making chicken pastry tonight and a chocolate pie
Her glance was like a painting that was never meant to dry
Smiling at me with her pink painted and crooked lips
But she was sober, and a minute of happiness was balancing a miracle without scales
Green ferns were blowing notes her way; she began to dance
Oh no, this was no happenstance

Evening was coming, like a thorn tonight, to steal this moment of memories
Reaching up, I moved the sun skyward and placed it back over the Wilmington coast
The saxophone cried notes that spun my spirit in hopeful circles of white light
Mama left her gardening, pulling off her apron exposing a tight blue dress
Only she was moving towards the sound of the sax coming from the pier
She didn’t sit at a table, for there was my handsome, young father in uniform
Green ferns were blowing notes their way, and they began to dance
Oh no, this was no happenstance

52 thoughts on “I Dream of Mom and Dad

    1. Thank you my dear Suzette. They both had faith. My mom taught me about God when I was very little so I believe I will see them again in heaven. Thank you again my friend. Stay safe you and your loved ones. Hugs ❤️ Joni

  1. A most beautiful, tender poem, I would say one of your best and that is saying a lot as you are a wonderful writer whose words, precisely placed, create long lasting images and evoke such profound emotions. Quite lovely Joni. All the best,

    1. Thank you Francisco. I appreciate your sweet words very much. I am delighted you liked it and think it is one of my best. That is very gracious of you my friend and your thoughtful comments have made my morning extra sweet. All the best to you two as well. J

  2. My dear friend
    It’s a heart – touching tribute, so poignant, beautiful, soft, melodious and nostalgic.
    A suggestion- why don’t you read it and embed an audio? Would make it doubly effective, i think coz the reading will catch ur emotions too.
    Please ignore if u think it’s a tad too emotional.

      1. Thank you John. I wish I could have a happy dream of them. I wasn’t even thirty when they were both gone. I miss talking to my mom some times. I don’t think anyone is ever really prepared to lose a parent. Love ❤️ hugs 🤗 and wishes for all things good in this world.💖🤗💕❤️

  3. What a lovely memory Joni so beautifully delivered. I could see them dancing and swaying with the music. Keep those visions close to your heart and savor them the way we all just did by your perfectly penned words. Lots of love and big hugs friend! ❤️🤗 Cindy

    1. Oh thank you so much Cindy. You are so sweet. How funny I am on your site admiring your clients painting with the fork through the cash. I love that. So true. Great piece. I bet you have a lot of great friends in CA. You are still able to see your clients which I bet they are so grateful for as well. Thank you for you thoughtful comment my friend. Isn’t it interesting how we can be thinking about each other at exactly the same time? Hope you have an amazing weekend my friend as well. Sending love your way. 🤗💕❤️💖Joni

      1. Love the seredipity of that Joni! The message was just too good to pass up. Glad you like the picuture. I am 6 ft away but it works and there is a nice connection I have. You are most welcome. It was a beautiful poem as all of yours are. You have a great weekend as well! ❤️ Cindy

    1. Thank you so much Tiffany, you are such a sweetheart. I surely do appreciate your kind support. You are very kind to me. Hope you have an amazing weekend my friend. Sending much love and bunches of hugs. Joni xoxoxo

    1. Good morning Button,

      Thank you for your very flattering words. They mean so much to my heart.

      “This is epic. It is cinematic. I can see it, not only feel it. Outstanding work.”

      Thank you for reading and sharing your wonderful words. I am always grateful when you enjoy something I write.

      I hope you are able to enjoy your teaching this year. Things are so crazy for teachers and professors everywhere. It seems to me that it would take even more of your time working partially remotely.

      Sending you love, hugs and many dreams of sleeping in with fresh bake goods when you awake and fairies who have left fresh cut lavender all over your house.
      Love ya ❤️🦋,

      1. It’s a great piece Joni. It was a real pleasure to read it.
        It is a difficult year, but I am not the only one in this position. All of us are trying to do the best we can.
        May your weekend be filled with sunshine and plenty of inspiration.
        G (Button)

      2. I know you are my friend. You are one hard worker. I know it will work out as you put so much into everything you do. Thank you for your warm wishes and I am wishing you the same. I have always been so grateful for teachers of all types. They should pay the teachers and professors more and pay the coaches less, but then that is just me talking. Love you sweetie. I will hopscotch my weekend with pretend friends and eat treats made with chocolate. Love you, honeybun – sending you extra doses of a FUN prescription. The fairies have been given complete and total choices to do what ever they think you will enjoy most, happy – happy weekend. xoxoxo

  4. Hi Joni I thoroughly enjoyed your dream vision. It is so wonderfully written,. Skillful words by design are key ingredients for making love actual! Thank you for the Saturday inspiration! It’s God’s graces that extends our spirits to those amazing heights of imagination! Blessings and sweetness for you always, lady!💗🌺🍃☕️☕️

    1. Well thank you for those sweeter than honey words. You are certainly making my Saturday special my friend. I so appreciate your reading and commenting.

      “It’s God’s graces that extends our spirits to those amazing heights of imagination!”

      That is so kind of you and I do believe this is true as I pray often before I write.

      Thank you for your blessings and kindness. It means so much. Have an amazing weekend my dear friend. Love 🤗💕❤️☕️☕️☕️Joni

    1. Oh thank you so very much. I would bring these green ferns from down deep in the woods of Kentucky and she would plant 🌱 them and the grew like crazy. Lots of memories some nice ones. I appreciate your reading and commenting. Sending you and your loved ones blessings for safety and health. 💝 love ❤️ Joni

    1. Thank you Steve. I appreciate the visit and that you enjoyed my poem. I had a wonderful and safe holiday. Wishes for love, health and blessings for the New Year for you and your family. Love ❤️ Joni

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