Rhythm of Life

Poem by Joni 9/29/20 Reading time 21 seconds (Photography by Johannes Plenio) – Pexels.com

fairies play music on silken threads left by tiny worms

a child somewhere dreams of dancing on her tippy toes

lonely is the haunting sound of the saxophone

a grandmother holds her daughter’s child the first time

tears leave a salty trail on beautiful black skin

red and orange waltz across the sky, dancing into a sunset

on her wedding night, a newlywed quivers, waiting in white silk

tender touches fuel the nocturnal with a smiling blue moon

naked is the face of life, when seen with loving eyes

40 thoughts on “Rhythm of Life

  1. The imagery here is sublime and the entire composition is well paced and beautifully lyrical. The absence of connective phrases between the lines keeps this crisp and still wonderfully connected. Well done, Jonikins! One of my favorites!

    1. Wow, Brad you just made my day. What a wonderful compliment and very gracious. My heart is touched by the kindness of your words. I am in awe of your brilliant work and so this is very special.

      Have an amazing day of work tomorrow and then enjoy your weekend. Love ya ❤️💕🤗Jonikins

  2. Such a beautiful poem Joni, that truly threads beauty of moments woven into a feast for the senses. Thanks for sharing your art of words with us. We are blessed.
    ❤️ Cindy

    1. Cindy my dear friend thank you for such kind and gracious words. They truly mean a lot to me.

      I am blessed to be read. I see such beauty in our world. Thank you Cindy for your support.
      Sending lots of love ❤️ to you and all those you hold dear. 🤗💕❤️Joni

      1. You are so welcome Joni! I’m so glad as you are most deserving! It is wonderful we have a platform to share our love and care for each other and our world here. ❤️❤️❤️❣️🥰Cindy

      2. Truly it has been such a blessing for me. We all need to reach out and love one another. Thank you dearest Cindy. Love ❤️ You Joni

    1. Thank you my kind friend. I truly appreciate your kindness. I have also found many great poets due to your support to all of us. Thank you my dear friend. Love ❤️ to you. Joni

    1. Oh thank you sweet friend. It is so nice to hear from you Tiffany. Hope all is well. I am sending you love, hugs and hope for an amazing weekend. Love ❤️ Joni

  3. Dearest Joni, this piece touched my heart. It is so splendid and I absolutely adore your vivid imagery.

    “a child somewhere dreams of dancing on her tippy toes”
    “a grandmother holds her daughter’s child the first time”
    These lines are so simple but they touched me deeply. So heartfelt❤

    “naked is the face of life, when seen with loving eyes”
    Such a wonderful and beautiful ending. This poem is marvellous my dear❤

    Loads of love and hugs🌹🌹💞

    1. Oh thank you my dear friend. I hope all is well with you. How is your school going? I know you are very busy. Thank you for taking time to read my work and to comment. Sending you lots of love, hugs and blessings my friend. 💕❤️🤗💖🌺 Joni

  4. Honeybun, this is magnificent. You took my breath away. You are talented and blessed.
    “naked is the face of life, when seen with loving eyes” WOW. What a splendid phrase.
    Sending love and hugs.
    Have a wonderful week.
    G (Button)

    1. Oh thank you my dear Button.

      I am glad you liked that line – I did too. There are no mask changing who we want the world to see, or for us to hide behind, for love sees beyond our scars, weaknesses and sees only that love (pure).

      Spending time submitting new poems to several places. Hope life is being kind to you with your crazy schedule.

      Be blessed my dearest Button. Sending you love and hugs back.

      1. My pleasure honeybun. I do not need to tell you you are doing the right thing. You know that. From the bottom of my heart good luck with everything.

        Love you
        G (button)

      2. Thank you my dearest friend. I am sending work out and finding, hopefully, places that will appreciate it. Thank you so much for your kind well wishes Button. Love you bunches 💕❤️Honeybun

      3. Sorry for abrupt ending I had some ex rays and the technician called me back. Thank you dear Button for always looking out for me. Love and hugs 🤗💕❤️😘 Honeybun

      4. Thank you my dearest Button. You are very sweet to want to see me branch out. I am sure trying. Thank you for always being so kind and supportive. Love you to pieces Button.
        Love ya

    1. Katy thank you so much. I appreciate that coming from such a multi/talented young woman. Be safe and blessed my friend. Hugs and love to you and your family. 😘🤗💕🦋Joni

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