Pool of Siloam

jade eyes like yearning sound, in the playground of our delight
music is his words, floating like bubbles that softly graze my ear
shivering as tender touches, and butterfly kisses, birth my tear

our bodies reacting as familiar pleasure finds us, man and wife
as one flesh we soar where stars burst and moonbeams weep
as the blind man washes in the pool of Siloam, now we sleep

fireflies and diving bats dance as cicadas sing a nightly lullaby
tight the ball of love we form, an anchor in this life God brings
drifting like floating wood in the quiet, I hear God’s angels sing

poem by Joni written 5/30/20 – photograph by Joni

Photo taken with E-520 Olympus Digital Camera

31 thoughts on “Pool of Siloam

  1. Oh, the magnificent fireflies- the markers of the magic of love; the intricacy of your verses and the jade eyes. You are charming me beyond words with this piece.

    the jade of your eyes
    the ash-blond of your hair
    seduce the night of fireflies

    Oh, honeybun, this is such a beautiful and inspiring poem.

    “I hear God’s angels sing”
    Love you.

    1. Thank you dearest Button
      I am delighted that you liked it thank you for all your kind words. I love the way you understand my writing my dear friend. I got your comment right away so that’s a good thing. Maybe your problem is solved with WordPress. Love you beautiful Button. Honeybun 😘🌸🌺💕

      1. My pleasure sweetheart. Your writing is magnificent. Such a pleasure to read your poems.
        I got a notification that I follow myself so I guess WP is working on my site. If that’s the case I am really grateful.
        Love you too. Have a fabulous weekend honeybun.

      2. You too my dearest friend. You have a great weekend too. Love 💕 you. Honeybun 😘❤️🌸🌺

  2. Beautiful poem. I love the photo. When we walk on the levee at twilight we get dive bombed by bats as the cicadas sing in the cottonwoods. It’s like magic to be in the middle of hundreds of bats zinging by so close our hair wisps in ripples of their after currents. We don’t have fireflies out here.

    1. Hi Timothy my friend. Your comment is like a poem itself. I apologize for the late response. I was having trouble with comments being closed nothing I would ever do. I went into settings and we saw that I had 29 comments in spam. I certainly understood why many were placed in spam but so were people I follow so just seeing this. I wanted to let you know what truly a blessing it is to be friends with you. I am so taken with someone who loves and adds to the beauty of our world. I am sorry you don’t have lightening bugs or fireflies. They show up and is like a kiss from God. In Virginia when I was a kid living on base they were everywhere. They are a blessing. Love and hugs, and again sorry about the delay responding. ❤️🌺🌸💕

    1. I am so glad you like it Rhen. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The Pool of Siloam was were Jesus told the man who was born blind to wash the mud He had made and put in his eyes – to walk there and wash his eyes and then he was healed. Isn’t that such a great story. God is so great. Please have an amazing Sabbath my sweet sister. Love you Joni.

    1. Thank you Brad. I am delighted you liked it. I appreciate your reading and your support. Love and hugs this Sabbath morning. Jonikins 😘🌸🌺❤️

  3. Beautiful Joni! You have the perfect words, the precise phrasing and the intensity of your love behind your poetry. Love it. I wish you a lovely Sunday and the week that starts tomorrow…All the best, stay safe,

    1. Francisco my dear friend this comment was in my spam folder along with 29 other comments. What a lovely comment indeed. Thank you for your beautiful compliments and know how much I treasure them. There were many comments that are from followers and people I have followed for a long time. I don’t understand but will be chatting with WordPress soon. They do an amazing job and I am so grateful I don’t like to complain but my comments are also being cut off for some reasons. I am sharing this so you might check your own settings. I wanted to tell you also that your paintings, I believe, just like with Gabriela’s poetry will one day be pieces of artwork that will be collected and sold in famous art galleries, as collectibles for extreme amounts of money, especially your art groupings where you have three paintings. (Love the flower groupings) Gabriela’s book is now in the Best Seller list with Amazon. I was not surprised to hear that and am so pleased and delighted for her. I feel so blessed to know such gifted people who are modest too. What a blessing. Love, blessings, and safety to you and your loved ones. Yours friend, Joni 😘❤️🌺🌸

      1. Thank you so much Joni, you have a beautiful heart and suck kind words that humble me and that I so appreciate. Yes, I’ve found comments in spam too and I do not know why…I guess they are little glitches in such a huge programme. Much love to you my dear friend and stay safe in your beautiful NC.

      2. You too my sweet friend. Yes some of the spam was so bad that it is hard to believe people write like that. By the way I am intimidated by instagram. I don’t feel comfortable with it but I am slowly learning. Love to you and yours Joni 😘🌺❤️🌸

    1. Oh thank you. I am so glad you have read my poems and like them. I appreciate your kind words. Your writings are beautifully creative and full of rich imagery. I am grateful for your reading and commenting on my poem. Have a truly blessed day. Love 💕 and hugs Joni

  4. Ah! I have been transported to another land….a land of beautiful and sublime metaphors. It has a garden filled with poems. And love❤

    1. Thank you again, I appreciate your sweet words very much. I am glad it resonated with you and you enjoyed it, that makes me happy. love and blessings, Joni

    1. Thank you my dearest friend. I am so grateful to hear from you. Hope all is well also hope you are having a marvelous time. Love you to pieces. 🌸🌺❤️😘

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