Wild Fire

fear consuming the twelve, a shadow of hiding they bore
into the upper room, they meet, above King David’s tomb
seeing the Son of God many times, on the Galilean shore

golden the waving wheat, breathing in sun through grains
cut with a sickle, gather into sheaves on the threshing floor
songs of fowl, from the air, the sun settles on golden plains

sounds of a rushing wind which from heaven did visit here
weary as from the Mount of Olivet they came to Jerusalem
cloven tongues of fire on them, the Holy Spirit erasing fear

voices spoke with many languages, so many saved that day
two thousand years ago the Pentecost came as promised
gentle is the Holy Spirit, living within, showing us God’s way

Poem written by Joni 06/01/20 – Photograph by Joni – Taken with E-520 Olympus Camera

13 thoughts on “Wild Fire

  1. The impossible and miraculous effect of the Holy Spirit on the twelve ordinary men – as it did back then, the change is extraordinary. Thank you for this beautiful reminder of the Pentacost!

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    1. Thank you for your visit and your comment. I am so glad you liked it my dearest friend. Yes, so grateful to that ever present connection we have with the Holy Spirit. Have a truly blessed week. Love Joni

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    1. Thank you so much. I am sorry about the late response I just found 29 comments under spam that should not have been. I am sorry again. I appreciate every comment and am grateful for each one. Have a blessed day my friend. Hopefully this won’t happen again. Love and blessings to you 🌺🌸💕 Joni

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  2. Beautiful, full of devotion and of a desire for peace, love and redemption. Very well written Joni and quite an impressive photograph. Loved it. All the best and lots of love, peace and happiness, sending your way from Spain.

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    1. Oh Francisco, your words are so gracious and appreciated. You are kind to comment on my photograph as well. Your photography is amazingly gorgeous just like your art. Your love of shapes and angles always comes through in both. Your picture reminds me of a younger James Taylor who I did get an opportunity to see in concert. Have an amazing day my friend. It looks like parks are open but that you are still on lockdown until the 7th. Things are partially open here but still in masks. Stay safe and healthy my dear friend. Love to you and all your loved ones as well. From NC sending blessings and well wishes. 😘🌺🌸❤️Joni

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