Blue-Green Algae

A patch of dandelions sway with rhythm down by the murky old pond
For the north wind blows breezes of olden days and mysteries born
Their long thin necks hold round cottony seeds for new life to spawn
Like endless weeping willows wailing to the fish telling tales of scorn

Those catfish hunters don’t come around anymore in the dark of night
While a spotted leopard frog lays its eggs in a cluster close by the shore
Tales of the dead are buried now like the blue-green color is out of sight
Fish and other critters dying as fertilizers and sewage wage their war

No crickets singing, and the family dog died from some unknown bloom
Ghostly sounds of children’s laughter as they use to play at night and swim
No more hooks to bait as the trees cry from loneliness from this dark tomb
The fireflies cry tears but keep the distance from a situation woefully grim

Next year even the yellow heads of dandelions won’t be around to dance
Family is moving so they say, nothing grows here no more, it is time to go
The kids loved the land and the farm the family hoped for another chance
Piling into the cab of the moving van, the parents, kids but no dog in tow

by Joni Caggiano 02/04/20 – Photo by Joni Caggiano 


13 thoughts on “Blue-Green Algae

  1. Love this poem of a family having to move on to take another opportunity in life, the loved place of the farm and fishing no longer serves hard to leave the good memories but harder still when you look back the life which serves no purpose.

    1. Thank you my friend for your thoughtful comment. It is sad how run off from fertilizers and sewage is causing death. A woman that lives about an hour and a half away from our home lost her three dogs from such a pond. You are so right there is no purpose served when life is killed so needlessly. Thank you for reading too I really appreciate it. Love 💕 Joni. Have an amazing day.

      1. I know sad. She had to put all three of them to sleep they were suffering so horribly. I guess the bloom is not always visible Now she is fighting to get warnings posted around ponds in Wilmington, NC. Be blessed today my friend. 🤗 love 💕 Joni

  2. Dear Joni, you are a talented writer, I was so caught up in the story. I could see it in my minds eye. The sadness of leaving a promise behind and memories of the dog no longer there. I wonder about abandoned places myself… it was once a place of dreams, hopes and promises for a family.

    1. Thank you so much your words are very kind and they mean so much to me. There is always that mystery of an old abandoned house in the woods. Thanks again my friend and have a blessed day. Love 💕 Joni

  3. So sad what is happening to our mother earth due to some humans ignoring the warning signs. Anyone can start right now to do the right thing by our earth

    1. You are so right my dear friend. We sure work hard to do our part. One trash container of trash per year. The rest composted or recycled. Thank you for reading and commenting dear friend. Love you dearly buddy. 🤗 hugs and kisses Joni

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