11 thoughts on “Haiku

      1. I’m wondering if you are free to write all day–or if you have a career and family to keep you busy? Keeping you in my prayers 💖😇

      2. I retired early. I started working at 13 to make money. As soon as I was sixteen I worked while in school. I had a career and enjoyed much of my work but I love being retired. I do some work for my daughters company when she can use it but I no longer work for pay. It is nice being at home and writing when I can. I am grateful. What about you? Love 💕 Sister Joni

      3. Thank you so much for sharing! I retired “disabled”, and I’m grateful God has provided for me with subsidized housing, Soc Sec and state assistance. This is my 24th year living here, and what a journey it’s been–God truly “saves the best for last”, so I’m well content resting in the Lord who meets all our needs abundantly. As I’d chosen not to have children, and am estranged from siblings, I have no family connections–that’s why the gift of a faith-filled neighbor is a Huge Blessing! Much love to you, Joni 💕😇

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