Earthworms (Haiku)

Gentle breezes move,
Floating yellow leaves mid-air,
Singing songs to us.

The golden leaf drops,
Giving way to ground cover,
Earthworms feed on them.

by Joni 11/23/19

(We saw a beautiful tree this morning, and thought of how important it is to be grateful for the ability to walk and enjoy the bounty of beauty the fall offers up each year.) Yesterday when walking with my husband, the two of us ran into a hero in our neighborhood. He is a “still-living veteran” of one of the ships about 50 miles from the epicenter of the nuclear bombs tested at Bikini Atoll ( He has recently lost the ability to walk because his lungs are crystalizing due to the horrific damage the radiation caused.

Photo compliments of my husband.

6 thoughts on “Earthworms (Haiku)

    1. Thank you Janette I appreciate you my friend. My husband saves the ones on the road by placing them back in the dirt before they dry out. They are also great for the compost bin. Love ❤️ Ya

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