Lonely spaces dwell even amongst the crowded
People dialogue without truth, emotion or love
Sieged by countless, faceless, and woeful humans.

Entrusting another is a gamble for those empty
Desiring sincere contact such a formidable goal
All striving to grasp and sustain such a treasure.

Are we unable to simply love, trust and reveal
That which makes us vulnerable, weak and true
Divulging ourselves in order for two to be one?

Without risk reaping the benefit of sharing love
Only exist within illusion or nocturnal dreams
So sport a cloak of faith and hope and trust in love!

by Joni 11/20/19

Dedicated to all those who seek human connection, love with transparency and hope for a shared heart!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA – Two Angels on Water Fountain – Photo by Joni

4 thoughts on “Disconnected

  1. “Lonely spaces dwell even amongst the crowded” — so perceptive. Trusting other is especially difficult for those of us who are abuse survivors. You give survivors a voice, Joni. Bless you for that. Love, A. <3 <3 <3

    1. Thank you so much Anna I really appreciate you so very much. You do the same with your blog and all the other issues related from an attorney’s perception as well as a loving Christian woman. Have a blessed week. Love you Anna, ❤️❤️Joni

  2. Joni, my computer will not allow me “like” your replies (here or elsewhere). This is likely a problem w/ my browser. Unfortunately, I seem unable to fix it. Technical difficulties are a plague. Please, forgive me.

    1. Please don’t worry about it Anna. I know that they recommend chrome and I have expected this has been happening for a while. You are not the only one. You are so thoughtful to read my post. The likes don’t matter. I love you. ❤️😘 Joni

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