Smell (Fourth in the sense series)

Walking by the wooded creek the fallen leaves and scent
of murky water reaches my nose.
The carcass of a now lifeless squirrel lays posed as fire ants
are eating decaying putrid flesh.
Smoke from dried wood and trash offend my nose hairs as
harsh chemicals float above my head.
The protective smell of the Spotted Skunk, one can’t miss
as I change quietly where I tread.
Now the last remaining odor of stinky feet comes forth
from a vast array of rhododendron.
A fresh heap of still steaming dog feces irritates my senses
and nearly causes me to stumble.
Leaving the trail, the vented air from laundry drying carries
a feeble simulated flower scent.
Then much to my delight a repeating bloom on an extra sweet
thickly peddled gardenia sings,
Pushing the last of her aroma forth while fall covers scents as the
earth moves the cold she brings.

by JK Caggiano 10/19/19

2 thoughts on “Smell (Fourth in the sense series)

  1. Like the scents w/ which nature presents us, life presents us w/ positive and negative experiences. It is up to us to survive some, and retain the memory of others. Thank you for sharing your talent w/ reader, Joni. Your poetry is always a gift, as is your friendship. Much love, A. <3 <3 <3

    1. Thank you so much Anna for reading and always for your kindness. Your friendship is a gift to me as well. Blessings to you this Sabbath. My daughter sends her love and prayers as well. I have sent you an email. Hopefully it will help. Love ❤️ my friend.

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