Seen From Heaven – A Tear Fell

Inaudibly the brown, white and playful striped Tapir
now gathered his small herd into a warming pond.
Examining the smoke as it was nudging quicker,
in the ever toxic air which was visible with the dawn.

Lush no more it's trees or meadows in the low land,
Our Father now saw the inferno growing swiftly near.
From heaven, He heard the sounds of the scorching
animals and lands which brought to Him a tragic tear.

A Yanomami boy one of nineteen-thousand in his
Tribe living a secluded life within the Amazon forest.
Huddled with his family as they feared the crackling
sound of the deadly, toxic, and oh so woeful chorus!

God watched and heard their cries, nothing new for
humans don't seem to understand this is His land,
Man is quick to destroy and deplete that which was
created with beauty and resilience with God's hand!

6 thoughts on “Seen From Heaven – A Tear Fell

  1. Thanks for posting about the tragedy currently happening in the Amazon, something which hurts my heart and soul, so I can’t imagine how God feels. We, His children, intentionally destroying that which gives us life, both angered and sad, all for pursuing worldly, temporary wealth, which is here today and gone tomorrow.

    I think I’ll curl up in the corner and try to sleep this off, it’s heartbreaking 🥺

    1. Thank you for your well thoughtful and extremely well expressed feelings about this earthly tragedy. We should all be in tears over this great loss and sadness. Love Joni

    1. Thank you so much for reading and visiting my blog. I appreciate your comment very much. You are so right. It is difficult for me to imagine the human beings that live in the Rain Forest and how frightening this must be and all the animals that are dying. Thank you. Love Joni

    1. Thank you for reading dear Anna. When their lands were burning my heart was aching. Nothing changes as man’s greed seems to drive most everything. Sending love and prayers my friend. Love you ❤️

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