Fairy Circles

Freshly mowed grass from the day before glistened while the sun began to peek her head slowly into the sky, offering up the light of the day. I walk out gently, near the old rosemary bush, and hear quite the buzz gently surrounding me. The red hummingbird feeder without its sweet, syrupy nectar, hung empty, offering up no food for thirsty birds. So what was that constant vibrating and humming sound?

Tippy-toeing slowly in the dew-kissed grass, there lay before me a perfectly spherical construction, a fairy circle in all its glorious splendor! Standing strong with enormous mushroom tops to help shield their tiny bodies from the smoldering southern heat was the fairy fortress. Often these meetings would be lengthy as these masters of commerce methodically and reasonably trade their delicate crafts.

I sit down quietly as not to disrupt their proceedings, and take in all the magnificent, pearly treasures beautifully displayed under the mushroom tops. They had transformed a multitude of pearl-like baby teeth with their miniature hands into fanciful artwork. The fairies now went about their work of dickering.

The kind creatures of the woodlands do not usually go where humans might venture. I know this elderly group of wise forest people for I met them when I was little. I was afraid one day and they flew around, singing, touching my sharp cheeks with their beautiful wings and telling me I need never be afraid. I left that morning as I had visited, quiet and unintrusive. Busy, buzzing fairies flew to and from the mushrooms all day as I lingered and watched at the window.

Eagerly the next morning, I make my gentle walk toward the fairy circle, as dewy, wet feet traverse the short distance in great anticipation. They were all gone, but on the largest of mushrooms, they had placed a delicately crafted gift – a tiny hummingbird made so elegantly with such detail that tears fell from my eyes. Alongside the gift was a note written on a leaf. It said simply, “Don’t forget to feed the hummingbirds, milady, we love you.”

by Joni Caggiano 8/19

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    1. Thank you so much Anna. I found such pleasure in believing in fairies when I was a little child. I wrote letters thinking they would come. Thank you for reading Anna it means a great deal to me. ❤️Love always Joni

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