The thick white petals of the Magnolias spread their unhindered scent,
While the nearby Honeysuckle dances a duel of fragrance from its vine.
Blue and purple flowers of the Morning Glories open up to say your mine,
For their buds awaken each splendid morning by rays of new sunshine.

Yellow dandelions compete with grass that tries to choke her flower out,
As the golden speckled monarch glides leisurely like a graceful tiny fairy,
Towards the inviting flower of the milkweed where it will very likely tarry,
Greeting the nearby bird as it grabs a large fallen purple and blue elderberry.

3 thoughts on “Flowers

    1. Yes there is and even pulling weeds can be relaxing. I love watching birds they are such a blessing. We were waking up last week and we counted seventeen deer in our back yard. It was so beautiful. 🤗❤️💕😘Stay safe Anna I hope you have had your vaccine or vaccines. Love ❤️ J

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