Ripe Buds – An Ameri-Ku

Patterns moving on grandma’s quiltsun turning our youthful skin pink like ample florets, ripe buds open with a sigh in red claytender caresses melt the freckles on my cheeks, smelling lavender mixing with your desireyou trace I love you, on my firm thighs, I grow weak   The Ameri-Ku/Euro-Ku is a style of poetry created […]

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“Sin At six” my new poem live now on the edge of humanity

gazing at vivid red brickswilling myself to evaporateinto the rough white stufflaying snuggling in betweenscarlet spies my secrets seen torrents of rain battering tinbolts of lightning are cracklingdogs a hollering so terrifiedmama’s orders down she layout tonight, the dogs will stay Please read the rest of my poem here on THE EDGE OF HUMANITY MAGAZINE  […]

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We Dance For Silence

Like a snake sheds his skin so go we, those of us who bravely venture onFilled with heightened senses as vigilantly, we quietly roam till dawn. Exposed our emotions on our shoulders perched like the raven black,Hearing whispers, feeling stares, why we grow eyes high upon our back. Lost amongst the others, those who gather, but wonder […]

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