The Earth Cries

love brought a great stormto quiet the hate in allbringing hope and peace teardrops fall silentwhile the Amazon sleeps hotanimals cry out the youth demand changeto save the green planet earthand her water blue God’s great birth of lifeis not ours to take awaybut one to preserve Haiku by Joni 1/2/20 From Wikipedia From Jan. […]

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Toxic Dreams

Floating leisurely in a sailing, solar-powered glass ballSearching intently for life over the harsh endless sprawl. Beneath me fine dust and a limb from a long-ago burnt tree,I was becoming frightened as my ball was close to the sea. Although colorless sulfur dioxide was surrounding me,The clean air in my bubble came with a cost; […]

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Salt Marsh

egrets rise softlymarshlands are quiet and stillfiddler claws rise up in protest of wastetiny fish eggs die alonesalt lands grow empty by Joni 12/9/19

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Whispering waters and Loblolly pinesCarolina wrens and Blaze red maplesBreath gave birth to My Father’s earth. Spanish moss and Candleflame LichenDissipate the earthen lands belowWhere My Lord placed kindred beasts. Warming beams creating patinas of colorHoneysuckle and White Butterfly GingerBlooming perfumed color into God’s air. Plentiful harvests adorn tabletops fruitfullyGenerations of seeds germinate family loveRising […]

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Earthworms (Haiku)

Gentle breezes move, Floating yellow leaves mid-air, Singing songs to us. The golden leaf drops, Giving way to ground cover, Earthworms feed on them. by Joni 11/23/19 (We saw a beautiful tree this morning, and thought of how important it is to be grateful for the ability to walk and enjoy the bounty of beauty […]

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Winter is looming, Acid rain fouling the ground Populace booming. Foliage much that’s dead, Sleeping with the time of year, Leaving much to dread. Making air so black, Coal ash, gas fumes, toxic waste, Lung cells hurting back. Smoke, fire pits burning, Loss of photosynthesis, Folks just aren’t learning. by Joni Caggiano, Nov. 15, 2019 […]

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Toxic Water

The great whale will die, eating Islands of plastic, while many don’t care. In a turtle’s nose, lodged within a plastic straw, causing constant pain. Killing the ocean, no cares for the future child, hearts lack devotion. By Joni Caggiano (Three Haikus) 11/13/19

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Chase the Deep

Floating in an ancient bubble of magic water, Shelter frees me from the toxic air outside, Ascending quickly fiery hot fueling forest fires, No stench of noxious fumes can seize me, For Angels pass me by with wings of feathers fair, They know many humans just don’t seem to care. Deforestation is unbridled and now […]

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