Harm to Once Clear Waters

Subsisting on algae bloom, chara, and tonewort, In the brackish substance which once was clear, My red haired friend moves beneath the waters. Encountering her beauty in the mornings’ dawn, Close to the water her tail illuminating all colors, Of the rainbows leading fairies to pots of gold. Speaking to me only when land is […]

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Water trickled slowly over old seasoned stones Moss covered surfaces dulled their sharper edges. A single lane was the rough old wooden bridge that Covered the mysterious creek below which would Call quietly to me, inviting me to come and sit awhile. Resting on my haunches, I take in the buzzing creek life. Crawdads were […]



The ancient oak spread devotedly             Her massive and protective arms Just above the slow-moving, water blue. For more than a millenium she had watchfully             And eagerly provided a safe shelter for                         All of nature‚Äôs friends she loved and knew.  Rough was her etched bark and strong knots              Which lived intricately woven within                         The network of […]

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Seen From Heaven – A Tear Fell

Inaudibly the brown, white and playful striped Tapir now gathered his small herd into a warming pond. Examining the smoke as it was nudging quicker, in the ever toxic air which was visible with the dawn. Lush no more it’s trees or meadows in the low land, Our Father now saw the inferno growing swiftly […]

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