Respite for Nature

Poem written by Joni Caggiano on 7/25/20 – Photo by Denny Franzkowiak – Pixabay


seagulls glide, splitting the air into fragments of glass, as memories, giving birth
effortlessly, like angels fluff their feathers when flying above vast mother earth

heartbeats heard in tiny hummingbirds, melodic with the song of the oak trees
ripen fruit, beckons the fowl, in the light of the sun, as red daylilies bring bees

anoles climb jade vines, puffing their dewlaps trying to excite a female to mate
stunning the luna moth hasn’t even a mouth, yet hides with his midnight date

cicadas emerging after a seventeen-year slumber, chirping to spice the sultry air
while a spirited squirrel buries his food, near a landmark, with memory and care

puss caterpillar covered with shaggy locks of brown hair, with his venomous sting
children search for the veiled monarch and search for pictures of her colored wing

tiny wrens singing passionately, swift trills with ten syllables, with a mate in mind
tomato hornworms on thriving green plants with their dark eyes are easy to find

respite for nature, animals gather sharing their harvest, for they exist calmly as one
God scans His earth, crying red tears; He listens to our prayers, with His Only Son


81 thoughts on “Respite for Nature

    1. Thank you so much for that great verse. What a beautiful Psalms by David. Thank you for reading and commenting always my dearest friend. Love ❤️ to you. Joni

      1. You’re welcome! I see a lot of biblical references in your beautiful writing – the first two verses of Psalm 24 seem written for the picture you chose.

        May God bless us, and perhaps more importantly, our beautiful planet with healing! Have a beautiful weekend – Shabbat Shalom! ❤️🙏

      2. Oh thank you that is so very kind. I really appreciate your gracious words and support my dear friend. Sending you lots of love. ❤️💕💖🤗 Joni

  1. This is magnificent!!!!! Stunning use of imagery🤩🤩 I’m in awe, Joni💞💞

    “Respite for nature, animals gather sharing their harvest, for they exist calmly as one
    God scans the healing earth, crying red tears, listening to prayers, with His Only Son”
    I can’t really choose just a few lines. The entire piece is soooooo beautiful!!! Really, the imagery took me to another land😍🌺🌺🌺🌺

    Sending lots of love and hugs❣❣
    Take care. Love💞Ishita

    1. Oh Ishita you are such a darling to always write something so beautiful.

      You make me feel so good my dear friend.

      “Really the imagery took me to another land.”

      Thank you so much dear Ishita. Sending you lots of love, hugs, blessings. Thank you for your support and always commenting. Love you 🤗❤️💕💖 Joni

      1. So do you my friend. I admire your work as well. We are admiring each other’s works. Love you sweet friend. 💕❤️ Joni

  2. This is absolutely stunning, Joni. Captivating from beginning to end. My favorite line: “Effortlessly, like angels fluff their feathers when flying above Mother Earth” … that’s going to really stick with me. Gorgeous and meaningful writing. 💗

    1. Thank you Katy for this very kind response.

      I am so delighted and grateful that you liked the piece. I appreciate your reading and commenting so much.

      Warm regards and love to you and your family. Love💕 Joni

      1. House is finally quiet. Grandchildren were here six days. Nice to be able to read and write. Dear Joni, your good words gave me reasons to write my new poetry. Have some fun and be safe.

      2. Oh what a very sweet compliment my friend. That makes me smile and thank you for that, feeling a bit melancholy tonight. You lifted my spirits my friend. Thank you so much. Sending love and hugs Joni💕❤️🤗

    1. Thank you my dear friend. Have a lovely evening. I think I am going to hit the hay. Love you my friend. Have a blessed day tomorrow. Hugs ❤️💕🤗

      1. ❤️💕🤗You are very graciously welcome oh lovely lady. You have the greatest evening of your life. Love you too. Have a great day tomorrow. Many hugs to you.❤️💕🤗

    1. I thank you Anna. I have spent time on your blog tonight and what you post is so relative to my life for many years. Your faith and approach is such a blessing for those of us who were abused in many ways as children. I applaud your helping others and what you did with the Poverty Center as an attorney. Bless you for what you do. We are survivors and warriors. Love 💕 to you Anna. Joni

      1. You are a blessing wrapped in something much more precious then Gold, Anna. I am so grateful we met. I will be reading a lot more of your work as even now it is so uplifting for me to read. I have completely forgiven my parents and my other family abusers who had terrible upbringings themselves. I did a lot of hard painful work when I was young as I am sure you must have done as well. What your doing is such a blessing. I know you are helping young children, completely helpless as we were once. Love 💕 to you. I will be off line the rest of the day. So forgive me if I miss something. Hugs 🤗 Joni

    1. Thank you so much. I am delighted you liked it. I am grateful our world is breathing better and healing is taking place although I am praying for all those who are suffering. By the way you have the most beautiful name, it is like a poem itself. Have a wonderful week Monica. Love 💕 to you and yours Joni

  3. Good morning my dearest honeybun (You will find this comment in the morning:) )
    Amazing piece. It vibrates with life and beauty. The imagery is lush. It mesmerizes the reader. It has a healing quality about it. Thank you for sharing it with everyone.
    May your week be blessed. May you be blessed.
    Love you
    G (Button)

    1. Hello my dear friend. Thank you for your kind comments as always Button.

      “It vibrates with life and beauty. The imagery is lush.”

      There are so many amazing creatures in the world that people don’t know about. The Luna moth for example is rarely seen because it comes out at night and doesn’t have a mouth. It doesn’t live long. It’s only drive is to mate. They are so beautiful too.

      I am not feeling well today so I will probably not be on line except to answer comments. I will save your new poem (I saw you posted-I always get excited to see your work) till hopefully tomorrow. That will be a special treat.

      Have a blessed week my kind friend. Love you beautiful Button. Yours honeybun ❤️💕🤗🌺🌸

      1. My pleasure honeybun. Thank you for telling me the story of Luna moth. I did not know that. I am so sorry you are not well. Please rest and take good care of you. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Sending you plenty of love and blessings.

      2. Thank you dear Button. Thank you for the prayers I could use them. Thank you for the love as well. Love 💕 honeybun ❤️💕💖🌺🌸

    1. Oh thank you my friend. I hope love and life are treating you kindly my friend. Thank you so much for reading and your gracious comment. Have an amazing day. Love ❤️ Joni

    1. Thank you Cassa. How are you my friend. Life moves so quickly doesn’t it? Sending you lots of love sweet friend. Love and blessings coming your way. 🤗💕❤️🥰😘

      1. Yea time is flying..I pray your health bounced back. And I saw a bit of your reading on the coffee meetup podcast by Prolific Pulse. I enjoyed your reading very much! 💚💕

      2. Oh thank you Cassa how wonderfully sweet of you to say. I was nervous, fiddling with my hair too much, I do that when I am nervous like a high school girl. Silly I know. How kind of you to watch, thank you very much. Susi has worked very hard on the Anthology – also Lisa Tomey does a great job of keeping things relaxed. If you subscribe anyone can join in on the Monday night reading. You could perhaps read something of your own, that would be nice. Sending you lots of love and gratitude. Thank you and enjoy your weekend coming up. Love Joni xoxoxo

    1. Thank you so much for your kindnesses my friends. I am so glad you liked it. Your words are so touching to me.

      I was looking at all your work yesterday in Instagram and it looks like you have sold a lot of art. Many people see the beauty in your lines and brilliant colors. Do you think there is an Egyptian influence with the ladies you paint so exquisitely?

      Also I visited your site and watched one of your movies featuring to many unknown but very talented artists. What a lovely thing to do. You are a very thoughtful man. The music you write is so beautifully done. Love and hugs to you both. Sending so many well wishes. Love ❤️ Joni

      1. Thank you so very much Joni, your words, your support and your encouragement is something I sincerely appreciate. You are such a talented and spiritual writer that your poems are somethings I always look forward to. We both send you love and blessings and all the good things,
        Stay well my dear friend,

      2. Thank you for that Francisco. It means a lot. Your words are an encouragement to me always. Love to you both as well. 🤗❤️💕🥰😘

    1. That you Tim we do love the beauty of nature. You can feel the love you have for nature in your amazing photography. I wish more people would realize what a blessing nature and all its creatures are. Have a great weekend. Love y’all, Joni

    1. Thank you Button you know I love it when you read my work. Thank you for your very kind words.

      I hope things are going all right with classes, and your book. We are all looking forward to buying it. I am sending you bundles and bundles of love ❤️ honeybun

      1. I have thought so much about professors, teachers of all ages and the children and teenagers. Hang in there Button I am hoping we will all be vaccinated soon. Thanks for what you do. Love ❤️ Honeybun

  4. I tried to read this the other day and knew I had to save it to read again when I had more time to soak in each word, it’s absolutely splendid, Joni! So vivid, I feel like I am there with you and all of Gods creatures! Love and light to you my friend! 🥰🌞🌻💕

    1. You say the sweetest and kindest things about my work I really appreciate it my friend – talented Tiffany. Thank you truly sending lots of love. ❤️🤗💕

    1. Thank you for your incredibly kind words. I am so glad you liked it, what a lovely comment. You know we really are closer than far. Pretty incredible to sense things from someone you have never met in person. I know you know what I mean. Sweet lady, who sparkles. I love it. xoxoxoxo Joni

      1. Oh you are so welcome and yes, when we are plugged into source we are very close at heart and pick up what is need and follow our hunches. We are telepathic and when both parties know that the lines are direct without static and interruptions. Oh you are so sweet, thank you such!! You sparkle too!!!! 💖💖🌷🌷 xoxoxoxox

      2. So true my friend. You remember the hard line phones. At least I stopped hearing the phone ring and don’t yell for someone to pick up. Then the phone isn’t ringing and two seconds later it is. Love you girl you are in my heart and prayers. I still cry for my baby and
        he is now part of our backyard. I believe with all my heart that our animals are often those who come for us. Many people prior to death will sit up after being able to do so reaching and calling out the name of a favorite pet. We will see them all again. Have a blessed and grateful day. Tears have a way of cleansing and washing our soul in a good way – at least for me. To heck with the bags that show up the next morning.
        Sweet sunshine 🌞 I love you.

      3. I sure do and I don’t hear them any more either. lol. awww that is so sweet and I love having mine close in proximity as well. Awww your sweet baby girl so beautiful. Oh wow wouldn’t it be fun to have a party with them again and I agree, tears are a cleansing of the soul, bags and all.
        Love to you my dear closer than far sweet friend! 💖💖🌷

      4. Yes it sure would my friend. It is comforting knowing you are so close I must admit, and that we are connected. What a blessing for me! Sending you so much love dear friend, lots of warm hugs too. xoxoxoxo Joni

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