Pierced with sharp objects the skin grows tight, Disillusionment fraught with dishonesty stings, As those you love, with one swipe cut at your wings! Your adversary hides like the spider in a new web, Jealousy, cruelty and embitterment take a slice, Your heart is now fully aware of their shallow device. Your tissue toughens to […]

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The Military Man – My Father

Lost for wise and fair words as I struggle sadly trying hard to understand, This five-foot-four, striking, but mostly drunk this lonely military man. Before his sixteenth birthday, he took off to the horrid deadly Korean war, Crippled was this young soldier inside and out as the memories still tore. Dad, would pick up the […]

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No Real Danger

Panic seizes me like a panther stalks its prey for the kill, Unbiased to the weakness it seeks in the frailness, Of the wavering, unstable victim, as it waits, acutely surveying, Then moving silently, a short rush, a bite to the neck and it’s quelled!  Like a dark shadow in an alley, poorly lit with […]

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Three Poems Written When I was 17

Wind Song Hanging from a heartless hook you remain suspended, Your structured tube and strings attaching leave you. Lost in an atmosphere of windless room with hidden song, Songs never to be breathed or whispered disappear. If ere a whiff of paradise does come your sleepy way, Awaken in a dance of life to supplement […]

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