Spillwords press nyc has nominated “love me like a luna” for publication of the month

Illustration in Pinterest, I was unable to find the name of the artist – thank you whoever you are so much!

I am honored to have been nominated for publication of the month for November 2022. If you like the poem I would be very grateful to have your vote for this publication.

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petals drop from hazel eyes
moonbeams dust, cleaning skies
sleepy mushrooms deny they snore
vester bats taste an array of insects, then soar

honeysuckle nectar, kiss sweet
archaic willow oaks veil my treat
two hearts beat, amending our weather
heating up, whiffs of lavender and leather

his vest opens, wildflowers skip
naked, I bite my trembling red lip
luna moths mating, a vast debt to pay
death, for one evening in which, as two, we lay

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86 thoughts on “Spillwords press nyc has nominated “love me like a luna” for publication of the month

    1. Thank you so much Timothy for your ongoing support it truly means so much to me. Thank you again and hope you two had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hugs and love to you both, Joni

      1. I made pizza and Tostadas with lots of goat cheese, my favorite and a lot of hot peppers. We watched movies and just spent time snuggling on the couch, it was nice. Blessings to you too, and hugs. Joni

      2. I thought so, I saw all your peppers that one year and all the things you could make with them. Yea, we always do something different. Hanging out with our four legged baby of 13 + years and eating home cooked food. By the way, I am sure you probably already know this but starting January Literary Revelations will start taking artwork and photographs. I hope you will have some of your work on there. I honestly am surprised you don’t shoot for National Geographic. I dated a guy who did once but he told me that I didn’t have a face he wanted to even try to photograph because I had too many shadows and the shape wasn’t that good. Needless to say I didn’t go out with him that much after that comment. Your work is way better then his was also. πŸ€—

  1. It’s no surprise to me, Joni, that they chose this for Publication of the Month. It’s a very beautiful piece that moves me. Congratulations on this recognition of your art.

    1. Tim you have been such a big supporter of mine and it is so appreciated. I am one of many nominees for this award. The voting still has to occur and there are some very talented writers that are nominated too. If you like the piece you can certainly vote if you like, I would appreciate it. Thank you for reading, big hugs, Joni

    1. Kari you have a beautiful piece in there yourself my dear friend. You are such a beautiful poet and that is only one of so many of your amazing talents. You should use your vote to vote for yourself. I am sending you my love and hugs my treasured friend. Love Joni

      1. You’re so sweet, but I am not participating as a nominee, I did vote for you of course..Big hugs and I hope you win Joni. I am very grateful to be nominated…that’s enough for me, Love Kari

      2. I have seen you do this before. You truly are so talented Kari and for you to vote for me is such a selfless act. You are something else. Of course you have left me speechless. I feel so honored to be nominated. Big hugs and love Kari, Joni

      3. You are too kind Kari. You are such a talented poet and prize winning film maker and your comment is more than heart touching Kari. Thank you so much for your kind words and I know that they come from a gracious heart. Sending my love, hugs and appreciation for your friendship. I am no more deserving than anyone of the poets I am sure, but I do feel honored. πŸ₯°

    1. Thank you Michele, what a sweet comment. It is like a blessing to see a Luna, the female, only lives about 48 hours. We have seen two sets of mating Lunas in two consecutive summers. The female lives only long enough to have eggs fertilized by a male and then puts the eggs in the ground and dies. We felt it was a gift both times we saw them on our screen porch. I am so glad you like it, thank you for all your support. Blessings and hugs, Joni

      1. You are most welcome, Joni. Thank you for the extended information. Fascinating! Tragically beautiful. πŸ’” A worthy topic for poetry! Blessings and hugs to you. πŸ’

      2. I thought you would enjoy that story. I truly hope we get to see you dance for us again soon. You have the body of a ballerina. You appear to have had some calling and lessons in that area, that would certainly be my guess. Thank you for the blessings and hugs as we can always use those, Love Joni

      3. You were correct about the story! I adore your encouragement and am most grateful for your sweet recognition. I briefly took ballet as a young girl, but I have been dancing in one form or fashion since then. πŸ’—

      4. I knew you were a ballerina. You look like a ballerina. You still look beautiful when you dance. You should put on one of your ballerina dresses and dance for us. πŸ¦‹πŸŒΉπŸ€—

      5. That is great Michele. You perhaps are more of a creative dancer or probably have studied many different forms of dancing and there are so many these days. Thank you for sharing with me as I love to see people continuing to pursue their dreams when they are not still 20 years old. Thirty is easily the new forty and you look ageless so good for you and I hope you keep dancing, not to what a wonderful source of exercise. Enjoy your day, big hugs, Joni

    1. Oh Ken thank you. What a very nice thing to say. There are always very talented nominees at SpillWords, so a nomination is not just an honor but a little like seeing your first firefly to be a nominee. Hope the running is going well and thanks again for your support my friend. Big hugs, Joni

      1. Very talented indeed so most definitely an honour to he selected! πŸ‘πŸ˜ Running is going great, thank you! πŸ™πŸ˜Big hugs right back at ya! πŸ€—πŸ€—

      2. You are so sweet Ken. I haven’t been selected as there are many talented writers nominated. There are two more days to vote for the one you want to. It is hard with SpillWords as their magazine is always full of beautiful writing just like my fellow nominees. I am glad the running is going well. Be careful and protect your knees. Also, it is worth it to buy expensive and supportive running shoes. Sending hugs and my appreciation for your support. Blessings and have a wonderful day, Joni

    1. Thank you so much Francis. There are so many talented nominees and it is an honor to be among them. I hope you have an amazing day, and we both send our love to you two. Joni

      1. Oh thank you so much Francis that means so much coming from you both, thanks again and enjoy your day. Love, hugs and prayers always to you two from us. ❀️

    1. Cassa thank you so much for this kind comment. We have been blessed to have seen the mating two summers in a row of two Luna moths. It felt like some kind of blessing. It is extremely rare that they are ever witnessed mating. The female doesn’t even have a mouth, she comes out of her cocoon and mates for 24 hours, they never move until she deposits her eggs in the ground and then she dies. Life span no more than 24 hours. Big hugs and thank you for your support Cassa, Joni

      1. It really was Cassa and they are both extremely distracted as I was able to get lots of photographs but they were mating on the screen
        which made it difficult to get a great photograph. Big hugs, Joni

    1. Thank you so much KK. I appreciate your support very much and I thank you. There are always many talented nominees and I feel grateful to be one of them. Blessings to you my friend. Hugs, Joni

    1. Oh thank you so much Terveen! There are so many talented poets and I am fortunate to be nominated. I appreciate your gracious words and your on-going support and encouragement with my writing. I would have never continued writing short stories if it had not been for you. That is the truth. You believed in me and encouraged me to continue. Being an editor of a magazine is an incredibly work of love. Editors who believe in their writers and give them a chance, even if some of us need a little help, you are there for that too, it makes all the difference. Hope you have a nice evening, blessings Joni

    1. Thank you so much Cindy that means so much to me. Being a former publication of the month winner, for SpillWords Press, NYC, you know what an enormous feeling of validation, achievement and that people do find pleasure in reading your work, it is a gift wrapped in a kiss and sealed with silk. It is a feather in ones cap. I just read your new piece on MasticadoresUSA and wow Cindy – what a significant piece for all mothers this will be. I remember when Brad won Poet of the Year I was over the moon excited for him. Scott and I both did a happy dance! Again, I appreciate your support so much. Have a blessed and magnificent day, my friend who is not so far away! What a blessing it is to have friends across the world, and yet feel like we know them and care deeply for not only their achievements but for their well being.

      1. You are so welcome my friend and I’m so thrilled for you~! I do know and you know as well with being such a vital contributor at SpillWords Press.
        Brad is very talented and it was well deserved.
        Thank you so much as I value your acknowledgment since you know well the honor of being recognized on such a wonderful publication
        I’m so honored and delighted you liked this piece.
        Thanks again my friend!!! πŸ’—

      2. I really did Cindy, it was beautiful. Yes, we both really wanted Brad to win. My husband and I were so excited for Brad we were both doing the happy dance. Brad is a very talented poet and I always wonder how all your full timers that also write and blog do it. We spend a lot of time together, my husband and I, so I can’t just be on my computer all day and night. The editors I really don’t know how they do it. I am floored by Terveen having a full time job, being an editor, writing beautiful stories and poems and does movies. I guess I am too old to have that kind of energy, maybe that is it. Sending you big hugs and love. Joni (thanks again for your support my friend)

    1. Thank you so much TrΓ’m. I am so glad you enjoyed my poem. You certainly are determined and I must say again, I hope someday to see those all published together in a book. So much talent, you are a selfless person indeed my friend. Big hugs and thank you again, Joni

    1. Hi Anna, thank you for your kind words and your vote will help – haha, Scott has been accusing me of shameless plugging for nomination, “Piece of the Month, but it is such a wonderful prize in terms of writing. I have such respect with SpillWords, and I think the voting ends tonight at 12:00pm. I actually tried calling you a couple of times, I think it was the 22nd. I am guessing you were traveling and prayed for the family. It wouldn’t let me leave a message but it asked for a code or something. Next time I want to talk, I will email you first. I truly hoped you spent the day with family or great friends. I also love leftovers. I have cooked for years and years and my husband is a wonderful cook, and wants to cook, so that works out pretty well. I am sending you lots of love, hugs and you are in our prayers. Love you Anna.
      P.S. I will email you at least two days in advance to see if you feel like talking and if so what would be a good time. Often I don’t like talking at all on the phone. Big hugs and love, Joni

  2. JK!!! OH MY LORD!!! This is GORGEOUS!!! About to bop over and read the rest. I went yesterday while I was blogging to vote and had missed it. I am SOOO sorry!!! I hope Yo won! If You didn’t, I know You will sometime!!! Thank You for this slice of heaven…running over to read….πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

    1. You are such a beautiful sweetheart Katydid! Please don’t worry at all about missing the time period. There were a lot of talented people on that list. I am honored to be included. Thank you for reading me here and so glad you liked it. They are amazingly beautiful creatures. Sending you lots of love, hugs and afternoon naps, Joni

      1. An absolute honour indeed!!! And it’s all-ways my absolute pleasure, beautiful JK!!! Sending You lots of Love, hugs, afternoon naps and glorious foot rubs right back, my friend!!! πŸ€—β€οΈπŸ˜Š

      2. Thank you dearest Katydid. Boy do I appreciate all the goodies and know I am always looking over a star with my fairies at least once a week to try and catch you on a ride with one of your dragons. Not like the old days when we could just catch a magic carpet ride! Looking forward to seeing your next artwork and poem. Sending my love sweet Katy, Joni

      3. AH!!! Keep a look-out tonight! We’ve been pratacing a synchronized balletic flight through the full moon and I think we’ve gotten quite good!!! Sending You my love right back, beautiful!!! ❀️❀️❀️

    1. Oh thank you Allan, that is very appreciated. It was a wonderful achievement for me as I have always admired SpillWords and all the talent that is on the magazine. Sending big hugs to you two and glad to see you are still posting your work. Joni.

    1. Thank you so much for reading my piece here and for your kind complement. I am so glad you enjoyed the piece. We feel blessed that we have been witness to two such 24 hour mating rituals on our screen porch. They are such beautiful creatures. Again, I appreciate your reading. Have a great week, Joni

      1. How lucky you were to have witnessed such valuable exercise, proof that they enjoy life on earth ! … My pleasure, and have a great weekend too.

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