© Poem and Photography by Joni Caggiano – Happy Anniversary My Love

emerald eyes inspecting every inch of me
small is the pebble of stone, a recollection of my youth
trees collect me, wrapping me in their leaves like an ornament
sensing I am the gift imparting upon you, like a swan’s neck unfolding

hungering for touches that arouse me
melting like the butter I use for a symbolic cake
in silk, lighting candles; my brown eyes speak as I cry
summer flowers shed petals as slowly my dress drops, he tastes me

Our 26th wedding anniversary is today. It is a film of moments capturing laughter, passion, smiles, sadness, and heartbreak. Marriage is a gift wrapped in selflessness with a red bow around the box, giving an ever-lasting commitment. When I met my husband, it was like I was a teenager again—learning for the first time to enjoy food, theater, playing in the sand, and a passion I can not express. Here darling, is my attempt too. I love you, for you are the part of me I can not exist without. You are the best part of me. 

Photograph by Joni – Roses across from my daughter’s house in Washington State