Social justice inks – anthology of poetry – Review

Social Justice Inks – Anthology of Poetry (Lisa Tomey and Zaneta Varnado Johns, Editors and Contributing Authors – Published by Prolific Pulse Press LLC (Beautiful Cover is Spirit Animals by Kay Payne

Social Justice Inks: Anthology of Poetry is a vividly raw collection of poems examining many types of social injustice. I am one of the contributors, but I do not consider myself to be biased. When the books arrived, I quickly and enthusiastically opened my package. I was determined to take my time with this book. 

Randomly opening the book to a poem by Jia-Li Yang, I started to read. I stood still for thirty minutes, incapable of movement, a flood of tears rolling over me with the weight of a boulder on my chest. I was shaking.

Here are five lines from a poem called “Melanin” by Richa Dinesh Sharma, a poet I do not know, but the words sear my heart and rob me of my breath.

“Brave sinews, whipped and flogged
with insults, injustice erupted this lot
like volcanic black rocks
steadfast, smooth, shiny
still fighting their melanin ignominy”

Another poet I do not know, elliot m rubin, writes “deadly tuesday” – this poem breaks my heart with the merging of God-given life in nature and the God-given human life ended by man. Here are ten lines from this compelling poem:

“next day a mother bird
stands on the edge of her nest
regurgitates worms to feed fledglings
when one flutters and falls out
smashes into the ground below
while underneath the old tree’s thick branch
a medical examiner
walks next to a gurney
over the tiny dead bird
as the man’s body is removed”

I applaud Lisa Tomey, who orchestrated this phenomenal effort, and her publishing company, Prolific Pulse Press, LLC, for being brave enough to publish the truth. Many poems are written with metaphors and language that soften the meanings of gut-wrenching subjects to the point they don’t hold power. These do hold power, and they are written by poets from all over the globe. BRAVO, Lisa Tomey! I am proud to know you, even though we have never physically met.

I strongly recommend this poetry collection, a true “must-read” for anyone that considers themselves a humanitarian – be prepared to be moved to tears.

32 thoughts on “Social justice inks – anthology of poetry – Review

      1. Appreciate that, Joni! <3 The tone of your pieces, especially "Silenced," were savagely honest, and yes, even brutal, but these issues can't just continue to be hidden; they must be exposed. Bravo for you in doing so!

      2. Thank you so much Susi. I appreciate your kind words. This collection is superb. It is an emotional read but as you said, “But these issues can’t continue to be hidden; they must be exposed. Have a great Sunday Susi. ❤️🦋🤗🌹

  1. Joni, I so agreed with you. I took my time with the reading too. I was moved in a way that it seemed that I felt the emotions: pain, anger (even rage), but most of all, the fighting spirit. I am grateful for Lisa’s vision and work out into this collection. It reflects our time from a global perspective. 💚

    1. Yes I so agree, thank you Cassa. Your work was so powerful. Just an amazing collection. What courage it took to publish this raw and honest work. ❤️

    1. Hi Anna, hope you were doing well. We are with our grandchildren in Seattle for two months and it has been really wild. You Forget how much work little children are until you’re around them again, as I’m sure you know. Sending lots of love Anna, I hope things slow up soon where I feel like I’m really catching up. Sending love and prayers

    1. Thank you Henrietta you are so kind and supportive, I always look forward to you lovely comments. Lots of hugs and Love Joni to your family too. oxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Power, power, POWERFUL!!! Wow. Congratulations, beautiful Joni, to You and Your fellow writers! What a lovely, gifting accomplishment!!! Huge hugs and so much Love to You and Your fellow writers and publishers!!! 🤗❤️🙏🏼

    1. This is very gracious dear Katy! Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so grateful to be part of this amazing work. Lots of love and many hugs, Joni oxoxoxo

    1. How very kind Cindy I really appreciate that so much. I think it took courage to publish this book which is honest, soul wrenching
      and expresses the angry truth about injustice in our society that is practiced daily. Bless you for your kind comment and supporting the cause. Big hugs and love sweetie 🦋❤️🌷

      1. It’s my pleasure and I applaud your courageous stand of speaking your truth. WE need it more than ever. Love you and big hugs my friend. 💖💖💖

      2. Thank you Cindy, bless your sweet heart for supporting Lisa Tomey’s efforts to get the word out and make people more aware. Sending you big hugs and lots of love sweetie. xoxoxoxo

    1. That is wonderful I can’t wait. For some reason I thought you had a new book coming out also co-editor, Zaneta Varnado Johns. I think I must have my dates confused Lisa. Blessings, please let me know if I have my dates mixed up. Big hugs and blessings 🦋🌹

      1. I am going to do my best Lisa. I know this will be a powerful and informative book. I will put it on my calendar now and get the EventBrite link now. Thank you and congratulations to all the contributors and to you of course. Lisa I am a member of but having trouble finding your event. Let me spend some time on here and try and figure it out. Thanks so much for letting me know as I really appreciate it. 🦋🌹🤗🙏

      2. Lisa Scott went in and saved me a spot. I could not get EventBrite to work, so he saved a place for me. I will be there unless someone wants to see the house and we have to leave, and at that time, I am not expecting that to happen. I look forward to being there, and thank you so much. A big happy Easter to you and all those you love, big hugs and Happy Easter – love Joni

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