Friends, Time Off, and Gabriela’s New Collection

Gabriela Marie Milton New Book Cover - Woman: Splendor and Sorrow
Gabriela’s new collection by Vita Brevis Press, LLC on Amazon for sale on July 31st

Some say love is a word that should not be said when talking about people you barely know, but that is not my belief. I feel love for all my WordPress friends, and I pray for you all as well.

My WordPress family enriches my life with beautiful poetry, prose, stories, and unbelievable art. Many of you know my story, and although I have three siblings, they don’t want to talk with me because they have said, “It is too painful; it just reminds me of all the pain growing up.” That saddens me in challenging ways that are too difficult to describe.

You are all my extended family. I feel a great deal of appreciation for the encouragement on my writing journey. My heart is incredibly grateful for those who have published my work. Those who have taken a chance on me are: The Finest Example, Spillwords Press NYC, Vita Brevis Press, I Write Her (featured in the anthology, β€œThe Sound of Brilliance,” available now on Amazon!), The Tiny Seed, MasticadoresUSA (Editor: Gabriela Marie Milton) and Short Prose.

So thank you all for reading, liking, and publishing my work. I wanted to mention Gabriela Marie Milton’s new book, which I am so excited to purchase on July 31st (Gabriela’s Amazon Page). Also, I offer up a special thank you to Gabriela (Button) for all her encouragement early on while I was new to WordPress. I can never express my gratitude or the way the uniqueness of her work touches me. I know that her latest collection of work in her new book, which is for sale on Amazon on July 31st, will be an even more significant success than her first book. “Passions: Love Poems and Other Writings,” – published by Vita Brevis Press, LLC, is an exquisite book that I treasure. I think it is her mentoring and loving heart that makes her – the person so special to so many of us.

I have some Lasik work on my eyes this afternoon and three procedures on my neck. The last will be on August 9th. I hope to be back online by August 1st in between medical procedures. So please forgive the missed reads and comments.  Those that know me well, also know I always have lots to say.

Sending my love, appreciation, prayers, and well wishes to you all.

Love, Joni

30 thoughts on “Friends, Time Off, and Gabriela’s New Collection

  1. Dearest Joni, I wish you all the best with your medical procedures! May you have competent doctors and caring nurses! And that you recover quickly.

    Thanks so much for the mention of I Write Her, The Short of It, and of course, the wonderful anthology – The Sound of Brilliance – that you contributed to. I am grateful that you considered being a part of it!! <3

    I too am looking forward to reading Gabriela's book! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you so much for all your kind words Susi. Being a part of “The Sound of Brilliance,” was such an honor to me. I am still working on my pieces for this year. I am spending a lot of time because I want them to be something worthy of your reading. The interview, the whole experience was such a blessing to me. I am working from bed this morning and feeling very blessed. Two more back procedures in the next three weeks and hopefully my pain will be gone for years. You did an amazing job on “The Sound of Brilliance,” you should be so proud of such an enormous endeavor. Sending you love and hugs Susi. I ordered Button’s book today, so excited to read it. xoxoxox Joni

  2. Great message. I concur having nothing but love for our fellow bloggers. I needed and an outlet too and you all gave it to me. I admire you so much for sharing your story and helping others to overcome or at least learn to handle life’s painful memories. Joni, I will keep you in prayers and ask you to do the same for me during my procedure tomorrow.

    1. Tangie how did your procedure go dear friend? I hope that you are feeling pretty good and everything went as planned. I am so grateful for all the prayers. I am able to work in bed today. Please let me know how you are if you are working if not just rest. Prayers are such a blessing. xoxoxo Love you sweetheart!

    1. Thank you Suzette, you are a sweet hard and I am grateful. Prayers are working I am able to answer comments from the bed today. Thank you so much for all your kindness and your very loving heart my friend. Hugs, Joni xoxoxoxo

    1. Thank you so much David. I do appreciate your kindness so very much. I have lots of people praying for me. I am working from bed this morning but doing pretty good, you have such a sweet heart my friend. I pray your beautiful family is all well and full of happiness. Love, Joni

  3. First Joni…you will be missed and may all your procedures go smoothly and successfully.. I also feel the same way about my WordPress friends in this community..I have been so lucky to connect with such beautiful souls, and yes that type of connection, I believe, is one of the many ways we can learn to love in this life. Although I just met you recently (thanks to Gabriela!) I instantly felt a deep kindred spirit, and first your comments to my pieces and then, reading your own, proved to me I was right!
    I am going to order the paper version of Gabriela’s book to be able to hold it in my hands…Will probably take a month to get here, but will be worth it…She is truly an amazing writer and inspiring member of our community. So happy too, she is the one that brought us together, Allah ma3k God be with you and return to us soon.β€οΈπŸ€—πŸ™πŸŒŸπŸŒΉπŸŒΊπŸ’

    1. Oh my dear Karima thank you for your gracious words. They mean so much to me, I am touched by your sweet comment. I felt the same way. You have an unexplored unique style in expressing yourself and I love it. I also feel the connection. I am so glad you do too. I am resting in the bed today and feel blessed to be doing so well. I also jumped a head and read your beautiful poem about swimming, so lovely. I love the part about the ants. You know I just how you describe your thoughts while swimming, it is beautiful. The ants made me think of how I thought I could train them and I worked so hard at it. Beautiful piece. I will comment on your site, I just wanted to read something of yours. Love to you! xoxoxo mumtanun jidana liliqa’ mithl hadhih alruwh altayibati. ‘uhibuk eazizati karimatan!

  4. My dearest Joni, first of all, focus on your medical procedures and take care and as much rest you need after the operations. We all will be patiently waiting for you and your lovely words.
    Secondly, I am so happy for Gabriela and she truly is such a supportive person. I am glad to have met you and G. on WP.
    Take care, and sending loads of love and hugs❀

    1. Thank you Ishita for all your kind words. I am on line today in bed and it feels great to be talking to all my WordPress family. Thank you Ishita may you be blessed in all you do, love and hugs always, xooxoxoxoxxo Joni

  5. You are a beautiful human and in thoughts. I may not always click the “like” button or comment but I do read so much of everyones posts and I support all our wordpress family whom like you have also shown nothing but support and compassion. Take care of yourself and keep that spark glowing.

    1. Thank you it means a lot that you read me. We are so fortunate to have so many wonderful people to read, it is a blessing in my life. Have a blessed weekend Sara-Loretta. xoxoxoxo Joni

  6. Best of luck to you Joni, we’ll all miss you but wish you always the best. May you quickly recover. All our love and positive thoughts from Turkey ❀️😊🌹

    1. Thank you both so much. I am doing well today and working in bed but feeling blessed. Everyone’s prayers and best wishes certainly were heard. Thank you both so much and hoping you are having an amazing time in Turkey. Love and hugs to you both. xoxoxoxo

    1. Oh thank you so much, I love you too Cassa and we can never have too many prayers and they are working. My lasik surgery went great and I can see without my glasses just need some cheap readers. My first back procedure went well yesterday and I am working in bed today. I feel pretty good, two more to go and then I hope I will be good for years. That would truly be a blessing. Thank you sweet Cassa for your love and support. Sending you love and hugs dear friend. xoxoxoxo Joni

  7. My Dearest Honeybun, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful words. You took my breath away with your kindness and your love. All of us are grateful to have you as a friend here. Your poetry is beautiful and your friendship precious.

    Hon, thank you so much for spreading the word about my book. It means the world to me.

    “I have some Lasik work on my eyes this afternoon and three procedures on my neck. The last will be on August 9th. ” Sweetheart, I am sending you lots of love and plenty of good wishes. May you be blessed and protected all along. May you have a speedy recovery.

    Thank you again for everything
    G (Button)

  8. Good luck with all that. I wish you total success and speedy recoveries.

    1. Trying to catch up on comments and may be even due some writing from bed today. Feeling blessed! Hope you are doing well my friend. Looking forward to seeing what you have been up to down on the Rio Grande. Love and hugs to you two. xoxoxxo

    2. Thank you Tim, you are a sweetie. I wonder what kind of fun things you have posted of late, I am fine to work in bed. I have nothing to complain about, life is great. Sending you both hugs. xoxoxo Joni

    1. Thank you Allan you are very kind. I am working from bed today feeling pretty good. I use to be a real hot shot Slalom skier. I was in a terrible accident in my early thirties. I avoided surgery for a long time, now rather than have surgery again I am doing procedures, I think they might really help. Had Lasik also and now I can see really well and only need to use readers, that is kind of nice. Thank you for your kind well wishes. Hugs to you two travelers. Joni

    1. Thank you so much. I appreciate the flowers too. Working from bed today, hard to stay away. Sending some love your way. xoxo

    1. Thank you so much Patricia. I am resting but working in bed today and it is good to be back if only for a bit. Thank you for your kind wishes, they mean a lot. Have an amazing weekend. Hugs, Joni

  9. A beautiful post, dear Joni. Full of love and gratitude. Sending love and hugs right back to you; we are all grateful for you too, my dear friend. ❀️πŸ₯°

    1. What a sweet comment Jeff. This made my morning. I am feeling pretty good after my first back procedure and thought I would answer some of my comments. Your words are very kind and mean a lot to me. I hope you are doing well my friend. Sending the fairies your way to bring you heart shaped chocolate wrapped in gold. They give great hand massages and feet too, they like to lay on some sort of wonderful smelling tea bag for sleep and they eat only wonderful fresh fruit. When you think you hear a hummingbird look up and it will be them. I am sending two lovelies your way, they are packed for a week. Enjoy them they are magic creatures and kind to all writers. Sending you lots of love and hugs my kind friend. Have a great weekend Jeff. Love Joni xoxoxo

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