Without An Anchor At Sea

Foto de Johannes Plenio en Pexels – Poetry by Joni Caggiano (16 second read)

tethered to you, my darling, like a fragile marionette
silk strings made from worms gathering their blue emotions
longing for an overdue petrichor, I yearn for a divine cloud burst
my anchor, yet your strength vacillates floating, sending me out to sea
still, after all these years, you do not identify with my mournful delicate marrow
joyful, gardenia scented summer days in bed, travel down a pathway that is now narrow

110 thoughts on “Without An Anchor At Sea

  1. Wonderfully full of great images and emotion. And lovely word choices. There is always something uplifting to be found in your work. Well done, Jonikins!

    1. Thank you Brad. I always appreciate your comments. I am glad you saw the positive. I have several mentors on WordPress and you are definitely on of my mentors. I am grateful to you. Sending you love ❤️ Jonikins

  2. The lonely path, the narrow path. Sometimes we need. Maybe we can find what we need. Hello dear Joni and thank you for sharing the wonderful poetry.

    1. My dear John, the man who has traveled the world and meet so many beautiful and interesting women filled with romance. You are right we must travel a very narrow path at times. Thank you for reading it means a lot to me. Hugs and love ❤️ Joni

      1. I bet you traveled all over the world at one time. The weather must be even hotter than in NC. 🤗❤️🌺🌷🌹😘

      2. Yes I did. We trained in Fort Irvin, California. 120 degrees. I spend a lot of time in the Iraq heat. But N.C can be more terrible. The humanity of N.C. in the desert. A dry heat dear Joni.

      3. I did not know you were in Iraq as well. I can’t even imagine that kind of heat or sleeping in all your heavy gear and clothing as well. Thank you so much for all your service. It is no wonder you met women from all over as well. I bet that was such a comfort. God bless you my friend. ❤️🤗❤️

  3. Beautiful poem Joni. The sense of belonging so well portrayed.
    I love your words, yearning
    ” for a divine cloud burst
    my anchor, yet your strength vacillates floating, ”
    Blessings to you. You are a talented soul writing in love’s ink
    Blessings. Keep on, my friend.❤

    1. Thank you so much dear Suzette.

      “You are a talented soul writing in loves ink”

      Thank you for that as I love your work as well my friend. I do so appreciate your kind words. This is the first day my husband gets to meet his brothers at the church for breakfast, fellowship and sharing the word. I am feeling very happy for him.
      We people of faith are so blessed during these times. I am glad you are my sister in Christ. Love ❤️ you Joni

      1. It is my pleasure too Joni, thank you. Yes, I agree that our faith is our anchor in these times. Have a blessed weekend, my sister in Christ. Love and peace to you and your loved ones. Cheers💖

    1. Yes indeed that is a big part of the symbolism. Thank you so much for your gracious comment and for reading Patricia. Sending out love. ❤️🌺Joni

  4. This one captures the felling of being adrift very well. Hope all is good with you Joni. Your lines made me think of how we longed for release from our summer heat and the joy of rain. We finally got that last night. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs. Allan

    1. Oh I bet that rain was really appreciated. Thank you for your kind words on my poem I really appreciate your support my friend. You and your loved ones stay safe and enjoy your weekend. Hugs Joni

  5. Love it. The soft touch to it is warm and heartfelt. Love to read it over and over. The last line summarizing the present is crafted beautifully.

    1. Oh thank you so much Kritika. I do appreciate your kind words. Especially that you want to read it over an over again touched my heart. Thank you so much for reading. Love ❤️ to you, Joni

  6. “Blue songs are like tattoos
    You know I’ve been to sea before
    Crown and anchor me
    Or let me sail away”
    –Joni Mitchell (‘Blue’)

    I drop that bit of lyric in for several reasons.

    As a sailor, you know I relate deeply and heavily and emotionally to beautiful, romantic poetry using sea as metaphor (or even as reality)

    Cannot get enough.

    You, the other dear ‘Joni-in-my-world’ use your words so well, so beautifully.

    The other reason, I think I just alluded to…. you and Joni Mitchell share more than a name.
    You share a wonderful talent, a wonderful way with words, poetic words, moving words, painting imagery with words.

    Oh, and this year marks the 50th anniversary of the release of the album “Blue”

    I admire your work ‘JONI’CAGGIANO
    It enriches my life.
    Thank you for that.

    1. You have truly touched my heart in ways you can not imagine. Joni has always been one of my favorite singers and I love her face, it is so beautifully expressive. I just listened to Blue as it was not fresh in my mind and thank you for even comparing me to such an incredibly talented artist.

      I am drawn to the sea in so many ways, it is such a comfort to me. You have likely done a lot of travel you can and can’t talk about I would imagine. I so appreciate all your gracious words about my writing. I hope that I will continue to write pieces that you can relate to and enjoy. If I enrich one life that is a blessing for me. Thank you so very much. I wonder if you were ever at port in Wilmington? Thank you for reading and your beautiful comment. You have made my week. Sending you love and hugs my friend, and I always appreciate the service that any one provides for our Country so I hope I can thank you for that, as I truly mean the words.

      Have an amazing weekend LAMarcom.


      1. Joni, I just report / comment on what I see as truth.
        You have true talent.
        Never stop sharing it.
        All my best.
        You have a true fan in me.
        So happy to find another who appreciates Joni Mitchell as much as I.
        In the circles I have travelled, not too many Joni fans, as you may well imagine.
        But that never stopped me, nor even slowed me down.
        Thank you for your wonderful response to my comment.

      1. Yes dear I have..! Hoping the same for you..! You’re very welcome..! It’s my pleasure..! Hugs and love..!🤗

    1. You are a wise man. Yes indeed the narrow road is the right road. You are very kind David. I appreciate your support very much. Thank you for your visit and your comment. Best to your family David. Blessings to them as well. ❤️Joni

      1. You’re welcome dear Joni….I’m glad to read that you like my spoken word….my gratitude….sending love ❤️✨

    1. Thank you dearest Tiffany. I hope you are enjoying your long weekend. Love and hugs back. 🤗❤️🤗❤️😘😘

  7. Wow…..such a beautiful and moving poem dear Joni❤ The imagery and metaphors are so unreal…I absolutely adore this!

    “longing for an overdue petrichor, I yearn for a divine cloud burst”

    Have a great day!! Sending love and hugs❣❣

    1. Thank you Ishita, what a wonderful surprise. How are you sweetie. It is so nice to hear from you and I hope all is well with you. It has been ages since your name has showed up in my reader. I will visit your site. I am sending my love. Thank you so much for reading and your very thoughtful comment. Love to you and your family. ❤️🤗😘🌹🌷🦋

      1. I am doing good Joni. Hope you are safe and healthy❤❤
        I am quite busy with studies so I am trying to post whenever I get time. I missed reading your work❣

      2. I am glad you continued your studies. I am safe and fully vaccinated. I still lead a relatively secluded life but I don’t mind. I am grateful to have had access to the vaccine and pray everyone will soon have access as well. My husband lost his mother. She was already sick when she got COVID. We pray for all those who have lost loved ones. It was so nice of you to write please take care. Sending so much love and prayers for healing. ❤️🤗😘🦋Joni

      3. I am so glad you got your vaccine. Most of my family is fully vaccinated as well. I am so sorry for your loss. Prayers for love and healing to you too❤❤

      4. Thank you Ishita. I am also relieved to hear that your family is vaccinated. What a blessing. I pray you and your fellow brothers and sisters in your Country will be all vaccinated soon. I feel so badly especially for all the young people of our world like yourself. Love you and I hope you write whenever you can. Your words have always been so beautiful. You are an amazing poet. Perhaps writing about your sorrow can be an outlet. Love ❤️ Joni ❤️🤗😘🌷🌭🦋

      5. Thank you for such kind and lovely words dear Joni. Yes, writing about sorrow is definitely helping me❣❣
        Thank you once again dear! Love ❤❤ Ishita

      6. You are welcome. Try and imagine I am reaching across the vastness of our two physical locations and I am holding you and hugging you. We really are not that fair away because love and caring breaks all boundaries. So please consider yourself loved, hugged and that we have also shed some tears together. You are a shining , precious soul and I have a feeling God has great plans for you.
        Please don’t feel you need to respond I want you to have time to talk to your WordPress community. So I will be eagerly looking forward to your next poem. ❤️🤗😘🦋💝🌹🌷🌺🙏🌸💕

      7. I am so grateful to have met you. Thank you for the virtual hug🤗
        Love and caring does break all boundaries.
        Thank you for your constant love and care. You are like an angel❤😍💕🌹🤗🥰

      1. You are so sweet. I am going for the deep ocean. Doesn’t that sound nice. I always thought living under the water would be so great when I was little. However we are damaging our beautiful sea so badly in the US. Have a blessed weekend my friend. Love ❤️ Joni

  8. such beauty and tranquility in your lines Joni my dear friend that’s closer than far 💖
    much love to you today and for a wonderful week ahead❣️❣️❣️

    1. Thank you my sweet friend. Sending you prayers for lots of love and light in your week and thank you always for yours my friend. xoxoxox Joni

      1. 🤗 YOU 🤗 my dear friend Joni… are appreciated and thanks for the love and light and to you 💖💖💖❣️❣️❣️ xo

    1. Thank you Brenda so much for the kind reblog, reading and your wonderfully kind comment. I am glad you did as I still am not able to respond to your blog. I can like but the comment comes back with an error message. We sure have struggled with each other’s blogs. I am sending much love your way my friend. Hugs too. ❤️🤗😘💝🦋🌹🌸💕

  9. I am sending that love right back to you. BTW my email address is hotshower@colbath.net it is the .net that get me in trouble. Weare doing very well, right now we are trying to decide whether to go back to Washington State or move north to Bullhead City, AZ We are in the looking stage. I am doing podcasts, and it is kinda fun. I don’t hate my voice as much as I thought I would.

    1. I listened to one of your podcasts it was great. Thank you for sharing your email. I got frustrated yesterday because I was having trouble getting messages out. All I was able to do was like some posts. Then I think I got one at least to go. Funny we lived about fifteen minutes from downtown Seattle. I worked downtown for years and we have been looking for a cabin close to Asheville but the bidding wars are nuts right now. Best of luck in your searching. Keep up the podcasts. Sending you lots of love Brenda. So glad to hear you are well. ❤️🤗😘🦋💕💝 love ya Joni

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I agree the word petrichor is that wonderful smell after a long over due rain. That smell is truly amazing. Have a blessed day my friend. Love ❤️ Joni

  10. Funny I still can’t reply to your posts. I loved, loved, loved the poem about fairies, merpeople, and other creatures. I felt like I was swimming with a tail and felt the love for the area you described. You truly are a talented poet, among other things. I have heard you sing. ❤❤❤

    1. Thank you my friend. Brenda you are a real sweetheart. Doesn’t swimming in the ocean sound like so much fun and then we could visit and the merman 🧜🏻‍♂️ too.

      1. In my book Ruby and Nolan’s Great Adventures in Space there are dragons, and merpeople. The merpeople do not have tails, though. It was a kick in the pants creating a whole world.

      2. I bet it was and I am sure you did extensive research. Your world in your book sounds happy. In my book there is earths likely reality in 2050 and the occurrence which creates a beautiful world like you describe. So we both like folk lore I know I do. The beauty of science fiction is building what ever we want. Sending love ❤️ Joni

  11. We should swap books and review each other’s books, the only problem is mine is a series of 7 books so far. I have either used a prologue or explained what has happened in previous books. Hippe! Your site says I am following you! ❤❤❤👏👏

    1. Yay it is about time. Your and my site have some real issues and I don’t know why. I get frustrated for sure. Time is a problem for me right now. I am working on a few projects which means writing every day. In fact I have been writing since 11:00 and still working. Please don’t be offended. I just don’t have time right now. Please understand. I am not the kind of poet where words just flow, I work at it and often it is painful reliving things in my past. Still I love to do it. Also there is are so many poets I want to read. Thanks Brenda. Sending love to you. ❤️🤗😘🦋💕

  12. No Worries, if truth be told I have several books to read and one to finish writing, plus a blog and now podcasting. If we ever get free we will re-visit, in the meantime, I will enjoy your posts and poetry. Take care and stay safe. ❤❤

    1. Thank you for understanding. Poetry is really my thing and you know, just as you listed so many things to do, it is what we love but a lot of work. I appreciate your kindness and understanding Brenda if only we could all be that understanding. Love you ❤️💕🦋Joni

      1. Yea, I am happy for you John. I don’t think we realize how much we rely on the internet until it is down. We use Spectrum now and we had to recently replace the router but since then our service and speed has been excellent. Hope you have a blessed day. Love ❤️ Joni

  13. Beautifully picturesque! Your words paint a loving journey!! Sending hugs 💞💞💞💞and coffee🍂🍮🍮🍮🍮🍂

    1. Oh thank you. I am so happy you enjoyed it. Nature sure helps all of us. Thanks for the hugs and coffee. I never get enough of either. Love ❤️ Joni

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