the heart is a cage that traps birds with no wings
black keys on the piano play their neighbors in white
for they will sing for the voiceless birds tonight

in the distance air blows over handmade holes
making chamber music for forty-three-thousand years
calming the restless and weary as they bleed tears

the warrior is a victor, still and chilly is the air
he stands firm with his full suit of armor made ready
to protect his righteousness, his sword is steady

a believer sings a Psalm of David in a chapel
God is the constant in times of changing seasons
for He made the earth, and He has His reasons

Poem written by Joni May 25, 2020 picture taken by Joni with E-520 Olympus Digital Camera

18 thoughts on “Flutist

    1. Oh Sidharth that goes both ways my friend. Thank you for your kind words. I am happy you liked it Sidharth. I appreciate that you read my words. I am sending you love, hugs and blessings for safety as well. Love Joni 🌸🌺❤️😘

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    1. Thank you Rhen. I am so glad you liked the piece. Now is a good time to wear the full armor of God. The photo is of a slave chapel that obviously had some restorative work done. I am so glad you liked it. We have been enslaving people in our Country and around the world for ever. Such a shame. You think we would learn. Love and hugs to you my sweet sister in Christ. Have a blessed day Sis. 🌸🌺😘 Joni

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      1. You’re welcome–and yes, the Full Armor is crucial. Have a blessed week, Joni💖


      2. My apologies, I didn’t see this comment until just now. I chatted with an accommodating person on WordPress for about an hour to understand how I could be missing comments.

        I found out today that WordPress limits the number of notifications you can have (a relatively small amount that’s not configurable). If I don’t respond to comments quickly (which includes new posts on every site I follow), it is likely to drop off. This means I won’t see a comment at all, as I have reached my limit, and the comment drops off.

        I should be able to bypass this limitation by checking the comment section of my WordPress account on the computer many times a day. Please accept my apology, and I sincerely hope you have a blessed and fantastic day!


  1. Oh, this is so beautiful honeybun. It’s versed divinity. I love every word.

    “the heart is a cage that traps birds with no wings” Is it Joni? 🙂

    Splendid. Sending you tones of hugs and love.


    G (Button)

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    1. Oh good morning beautiful Button. Thank you so much I am delighted you liked it. You are right of course “It’s versed divinity.” We studied in church Sunday about “The full armor of God.”

      We do have to listen to our own hearts and not allow anyone or thing to ever keep us from flying.

      Luckily I have had my wings back for sometime now. Thank goodness. You certainly understand my poetry my dear friend.

      Hoping you have a splendid rest of the week Button. Sending you bundles of love and hugs. 🌺🌸😘🤗 Honeybun

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    1. Oh my dear friend, you are right and my apologies for that. It is always such a blessing to hear from you and to visit your site. Please know that doesn’t mean you have not been on my mind and in my prayers. Love and blessings to you my treasured friend. Joni

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      1. Thank you Joni, you are always in my prayers too and I thoroughly enjoy reading every lovely word you write. My best to you and your husband and may you both be safe. Hope your days are sunny and you enjoy the coming summer! My greetings and love from Spain,

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  2. I enjoyed your poem, especially the last line “for He made the earth and He had His reasons.” We don’t always know why God does what He does and sometimes it doesn’t make sense. But… He does know a little more than us and has a better view of things, so I’m going to just trust Him even when He doesn’t make sense to me. Love it!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment. I am so glad you enjoyed it. Yes, God always has a reason for what He does. I believe we just have to have faith in God. Thank you for reading. Have a blessed week. Love 💕 Joni

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