my heart is cursed
love is a windowless home
where emotions bleed
alone I cry stale tears
my well is soon to be empty
rejected is my outstretch hand
my path floods the street
with blood that flows
into an endless river of pain
crossing the red bridge
my heart dares to dream
a feather floats by
hummingbirds hover around me
messengers who bid me well
disappearing on the other side
my dream of love
drowns me in my sleep

Written by Joni Caggiano 5/5/2020

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA – Picture by Joni taken in Magnolia Gardens

23 thoughts on “Hummingbirds

  1. Very powerful poem honeybun. The sorrow jumps from one line to another. Sometimes it is powerful

    ” emotions bleed
    alone I cry stale tears”

    sometimes it is mixed with a gleam of hope

    “crossing the red bridge
    my heart dares to dream”

    at the end, sleep becomes the abolition of pain.
    “my dream of love
    drowns me in my sleep”

    Superb construction! And of course the hummingbirds: the healers and the bringers of love in many cultures.

    Gorgeous. May you be blessed forever Joni. Your talent is unbelievable. Have a wonderful evening sweetheart. Actually it is very late and you may be asleep. Have a blessed and joyful day tomorrow.

    1. You are so sweet to take the time to write such a beautiful response to my poem so late. I appreciate it so much dearest Button. Your comments are so kind and helpful, I learn from them. I have worked all day on the “other poem.” I will have everything done tomorrow. I truly hope you get your vacation soon. You work so hard. You are being so kind to me. Sleep well my dearest friend. Love you Honeybun.

      1. My pleasure honeybun. Actually, it is not that late. “Your comments are so kind and helpful, I learn from them.” Oh, that’s so kind of you to say. Honeybun there is nothing you can learn from me. Your talent guides you beautifully. I can’t wait to read “the other poem.” 🙂
        I will get a vacation soon. Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.
        Sending you my love. The night breeze will bring it to you.

      2. Thank you beautiful Button for your gracious words. You are such a precious soul. I am grateful for your love. So glad to hear you will be on vacation soon. It will be a much deserved rest. Have a spectacular day, be blessed and stay safe.
        Love honeybun 🌸🌺😘❤️

      3. My pleasure Joni. I am grateful for your love and kindness too.
        “So glad to hear you will be on vacation soon. It will be a much deserved rest.” I hope to Joni. I hope to be able to leave June 1. I will write to you soon.
        Have a blessed evening honeybun

  2. I agree with Gabriela. The construction and form of this is lovely. One line leads into the next sustaining and growing the emotions held within. It is hard not to be pulled into the verse. Powerful and painful, a rare and beautiful combination. Well written!

    1. Oh thank you Brad for your kind words. I appreciate them and I am so glad you liked It. I always appreciate your comments and that you read my work. Love to you my friend. Please be blessed. Joni 🌸🌺💕❤️

    1. My apologies, I didn’t see this comment until just now. I chatted with an accommodating person on WordPress for about an hour to understand how I could be missing comments.

      I found out today that WordPress limits the number of notifications you can have (a relatively small amount that’s not configurable). If I don’t respond to comments quickly (which includes new posts on every site I follow), it is likely to drop off. This means I won’t see a comment at all, as I have reached my limit, and the comment drops off.

      I should be able to bypass this limitation by checking the comment section of my WordPress account on the computer many times a day. Please accept my apology, and I sincerely hope you have a blessed and fantastic day!

    1. Amen so true. I am so grateful that I am a very blessed individual. I have been through tough times but praise God that was a very long time ago. Thank you for reading and commenting it means a lot to me. May you have a blessed evening. Love 💕 Joni

    1. Thank you always for reading Anna, and your kind words. I would imagine you have some incredible stories about your time as a lawyer, when you worked as an advocate for the poor. I am sure there are likely things you don’t put on your site. I so admire that you gave your time to such a wonderful cause. I can’t imagine the stress you dealt with everyday. Hard to leave that emotionally draining stuff at the door on your way out of work. I think of the attorneys helping to reunite children who were pulled from their parents. So many gone to their parents for ever. God bless you for all the good you did for those you represented. Sending so much love to you my friend and love and prayers for your family. 💕❤️❤️Joni

      1. Unlike other positions I held during my career, working for the poor involved no exalted titles and no financial remuneration. But I found the work deeply satisfying. I thought at the outset that I would be the one providing help to my clients. Instead, I was the one enriched for I saw Christ in them. Yes, the law is extremely stressful. That stress ultimately undermined my health. However, I felt called to the profession, and still feel privileged to have served. Sending much love to you, too, Joni. May God bless and protect you and yours. <3 <3 <3

      2. Oh I know you were wonderful and a blessing for your service. I bet you did see the face of Christ in those you supported. I am sure the stress was unbelievable as you have such a loving and giving heart. I am glad you were blessed by the work my friend. Thank you so much and you be blessed to. Love ❤️ to you and yours dearest Anna.

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