Nominee for Author of the Month with Spillwords Press NYC

I have been nominated this month along with several very talented writers for Author of the Month. Please vote for me here between April 26 and April 29. I wish all the nominees the best of luck.

To see my work on Spillwords Press NYC please visit my author page.

Thank you for following, commenting and supporting me in this truly wonderful community. I am humbled, grateful and honored for this nomination by Spillwords. Love Joni

39 thoughts on “Nominee for Author of the Month with Spillwords Press NYC

    1. Thank you sweet Rhen. There are some very gifted writers I am so flattered to be nominated. I am honored to be amongst such talented writers. I don’t take it for granted I was on my knees last night believe me. I couldn’t believe it. I love you Rhen have a blessed Sabbath. Love 💕 Joni

      1. Rhen that made me cry. Thank you sweetie. I am sure that is true of you as well. That is why we are still here. I am crying at everything today. I am feeling very humbled today. Love 💕 you sis and thank you again.

      2. Oh, dear heart <3 I've had a lot of weepy days lately, too! Humbled and blessed and Joyful as I'm in the Word. I don't know if you get a "word for the year" from God–I only learned about it when I started blogging in 2011. Anyway, 2020's word for me is "Vision"–and it seems to be anointed, as the Lord keeps highlighting great messages for me from the Bible. I tell Him frequently, "Lord, I'm having too much FUN!" When I was on Facebook earlier today, I voted for you–so I hope my vote counts BIG!! Love you, dear sister <3

      3. Oh thank you sweet Rhen how sweet of you dear sis. It sounds like God is talking to you. You have been posting some excellent verses for these times. So inspirational and reassuring. A real blessing Rhen. Love you sweet sis. Hugs, love, prayers and blessings coming your way. Love Joni

    1. Good luck to you as well beautiful Button. I finally got your book delivered and I was devouring it Gabriela. Your book is amazing every page filled with such touching beauty. I read ahead to the last piece “Maritime lovers” as I couldn’t imagine what you would end the book with “I love you cuts the ocean in two.” I see your strong faith throughout your book as well. Have a blessed Sabbath Button. Love you honeybun. 🌺🌸💕❤️

      1. Thank you so much Joni. Your beautiful words go straight to my heart. You are a gem. I am thrilled you liked “Maritime Loves.”
        You have a blessed and fabulous Sunday too honeybun.
        Love to everyone

      2. Bless you Button. Yes we just had a special drive up service at our church. It was wonderful. Your book is so beautiful. I will read your poetry over and over again over the years. Love never goes out of style and hopefully we all never forget to practice it. Your kind heart is in every amazing line. You too have a blessed Sabbath dear Button. Love you J (honeybun) PS I hope Vita Brevis has a place for reviews for your book.

      3. You stay bless too honeybun.
        “Yes we just had a special drive up service at our church. It was wonderful.” I am glad to hear that. You got to pray and enjoy too. “Love never goes out of style” Haha! No, it doesn’t 🙂 Your kind soul is in every word you write. Please know that Joni. I don’t know if Vita Brevis will have a place for reviews. But Amazon surely does.
        Sending you love and more blessings

      4. Well I will definitely be leaving a review there in just a few days. Thinking of you my friend wishing you beautiful things. Love and prayers. 💕❤️😘🌺🌸🙏 love you Button

    1. Thank you so much Francisco that is extremely gracious of you. I am so honored to be published by Spillwords and as we both know there is some awesome talent on that list. I finally got Gabriela’s book yesterday and I was devouring it. Every page is filled with beautifully poetry. I will treasure it. Love 💕 to you Francisco and thanks for your support always with my blog and writing it means so much. 💕❤️🌸🥰 Joni

      1. Joni, how can I not? You are a breath of fresh air and a picture with so much beauty! I am very happy for you and I know you will win in Spillwords. Gabriela’s book I know it must be intense and beautiful I am getting it today! Take good care and don’t listen to the news and all the scare tactics…life will continue to be beautiful and in accordance to the word of God.
        Bless you and your husband and my love from Spain,

      2. Well your words brought me to tears Francisco. Thank you so much for your lovely words. You know it is not often you meet a poet, who is an amazingly talented painter and who composes music and beautiful lyrics. Your singing is great as is your ability to photograph and capture beautiful images with a camera. Just so gifted. So of course I am humbled by your praise. Thank you again. Gabriela’s book is a gift one gives to oneself. You will enjoy every line. I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe we cross path with very special people when God wants us too. I feel that way about several people in this community. You and Gabriela have had a profound influence on me and for that I thank God. Blessings my friend, stay safe and filled with joy! 🌺🌸🌺 your friend in North Carolina. Joni

      3. As you have on me, and I am so grateful to learn from wonderful human beings full of love and God as you and Gabriela. We learn from each other and that’s how we grow. I always look forward to your lovely poetry Joni. Wishing you and your husband a lovely Sunday, end of the week and a beautiful Monday! Stay well my friends!

    1. Thank you Brad you are very gracious. I am honored to be nominated and to have been published in the first place. There are some amazing talented nominated writers. I just got Gabriela’s book yesterday and it is amazing truly. Thank you for your reading and commenting on my work it means a lot as you are a very talented writer yourself. Have a blessed sabbath. Love and hugs Joni

    1. Thank you my dear friend. I do feel honored and humbled. Thank you sweet Bulbul for your kind words. You have been very inspirational for me and for that I am so appreciative. Hope all is well with you. Thanks again for your support. Love 💕 you Joni

      1. You are a kindred spirit, Joni, and very kind hearted too. I am glad to have found you in this journey ❤️❤️
        Stay blessed 🙏❤️😇

  1. I am so proud of you my wonderful friend! This is such exciting news for you & for all of us who get to read your work. So much love.

    1. Thank you sweet friend for your kind and loving words. I really appreciate you Janette and all your love and support. Looking forward to catching up on the phone soon. Hope you had some sunshine on this Sabbath in Seattle. Love 💕 You bunches. Joni

    1. It is a poem. If you click on the link you can vote for me if you like it. They have published two of my poems. I did write a book called “The Path Toward the Light” it is on sale at Amazon. Thank you Tangie. Love ya Joni. Thank you for asking Tangie.

  2. “Abuse Montage” left me speechless, Joni. You are a true artist, and a true survivor, my dear friend. May the God who brought you through such horrors continue to bless and protect you. Love, A. <3 <3 <3

    1. Thank you dear Anna. You are so kind to read my poetry with everything on your mind. Thank you so much I feel like God blesses me everyday. Thank you so much for your friendship. Love to you and your family Anna ❤️❤️💕💕

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