the miracle of you [included in my upcoming book-Passion: Love Poems and Other Writings] #poem #poetry — Short Prose

Read Gabriela M – Her beautiful poem is below. Her new book is coming out soon, and I can’t wait to buy it. She never disappoints, her work transports you to places you have never been. You can smell, see, and feel whatever Gabriela describes. She has been such an inspiration to me as a writer. Visit her WordPress site, and you can also read her work at Spillwords, where she was Author of the Year for 2019, and you can view her many other publications. Be sure to read her bio to find Gabriela’s other books and magazines that feature this incredibly gifted poet’s work. (Love Joni and Happy Reading)

the moon’s right-handpours soul into my fleshpigeons’ wings bring scents of lilac bloomsthe air gets drunk with poetrystatuary women of the waterflaunt their hair within the loneliness of youmy heartrotates five equinoxes on a wooden spindleyour eyes pour flesh into my soulmy body germinates the sounds of growing leavesI wash my hands into the waters…

the miracle of you [included in my upcoming book-Passion: Love Poems and Other Writings] #poem #poetry — Short Prose

33 thoughts on “the miracle of you [included in my upcoming book-Passion: Love Poems and Other Writings] #poem #poetry — Short Prose

  1. Beautiful Joni, like everything that I have read that Gabriela has written. She’s incredible! A fabulous person and a great writer who is capable of taking us to the heights of passion then on a tour thorough tenderness, wash us with imagery so crisp and clear and then caress us with love…all those elements are so ever present in her work. Thank you for sharing this wonderful work.
    With love from Spain,

    1. Hello my friend, yes Gabriela is amazingly talented. I love the way you described her writing it is so splendid and all true. The fact that she is so precious as a person makes her writing and gifts even more beloved. It was my pleasure to share this poem and let people know she has a new book coming out. Love to you Francisco from North Carolina. 💕Joni

    1. Gabriela’s work is captivating and I am so glad you enjoyed her piece. She is an amazing poet. Hope you are having a truly blessed day my friend, and that you will enjoy her other work. Love 💕 Joni

    1. Oh my pleasure friend. She is an amazing unique and beautiful poet. Her words and entire book is a blessing to read. Hope you are well and sending love and warm blessings your way. Love ❤️ Joni

      1. Dear Joni, don’t worry, please. As you can see, I’m also answering with delay. You’re so welcome. Your post and you deserve the best sharing. Congrats! Hugs, health and kisses to you 🤍🦄🤍

      2. Thank you for your kind words they are appreciated. I just write what I believe. If you are referring to this post. I believed such unusual and profoundly visual and emotionally charged poetry would take this poet to places that she might not be able to even imagine. I am very happy for her as I am for all people that are goal oriented that meet or succeed their dreams. I truly enjoy your site as well. Blessings to you and your family, love ❤️ Joni

      3. Dear Joni, you’re welcome. I’m so grateful to your post, profoundly visual as you say. This blog is with people that want to meet their dreams and your contribution is admirable 💟

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